Season 0.1 - Increase Community Size

Strategic Goal - Increase Community Size

Programs and processes to spread awareness about VitaDAO worldwide, leveraging the strength of our decentralized community. (up to $20k USD value)

VitaDAO community members come from every corner of the world and impress us every day with their experience, expertise and passion. Many join our Discord to express willingness to help spread the word and bring global awareness to our cause! So far, we have not been able to give the community the support they need to help us raise awareness. We welcome proposals that tap into the strength of the community to bring more people to longevity, alternative funding models, and commercializable research.

Building a non-web3 friendly login experience for the online VitaDAO community portal. (up to $10k USD value)

Onboarding is challenging for an organization like VitaDAO. We are built on top of web3 infrastructure, but the majority of our community aren’t familiar with web3. Because we have not found a web3-native tool compatible with our needs, we’re building one ourselves! This season, we start with building a friendly login experience to what will hopefully be a one-stop dashboard, where VitaDAO community members can interact with the DAO, its governance, other people in the community, while handling their tokens as much or as little as they’re comfortable with.

Production of turnkey onboarding experience with resources and step by step to-dos for joining each WG or squad, funnelling people into either a working group or squad, and forging a personal connection to our members who wish to contribute. (up to $10k in value)

A consistent request we’ve received from our onboarding process is video and other interactive onboarding contents. We’d like to see this content made by the experts — new community members who recently went through the onboarding experience.

Note that the budget numbers are guides as to the scope of what is expected in this Season. Some projects may continue for multiple seasons and therefore projects should keep the seasonal timeframe in mind when scoping and assembling budgetary figures.



I’m an L2 with Bankless DAO with a decade of experience in the talent space. I now work at a platform called Catapult because they solve a big part of this problem beautifully and without ANY cost to DAOs.

The product is already in use across 13 communities including parts of Lex DAO, Bankless DAO, Dev DAO, Krause House, ApeCoin, and many more.

Onboarding flows are bespoke to the community. Each flow starts with the intention of the new joiner and the needs and wants of the community so that every person gets the specific context they need to hit the ground running.

The context new joiners share about themselves during onboarding powers member management tools that enable you to map, filter, and send targeted messages to people about things like upcoming projects that match their interests and skills.

The same context also powers community-facing profiles. Privacy can be set to a very granular level by the individual and we’re already building out integrations that enable them to enrich the context as much as they choose.

All data is owned by the member themselves and these profiles give members the tools to self organise, connect, and get more done.

I’ve long been a fan of Vita DAO. Would love to share more info with you. :slightly_smiling_face: