VitaDAO Ops - Onboarding process v2

VitaDAO Onboarding process - Soft Proposal

Project Lead (Discord username)


Team (Discord usernames)

Ops Working Group team and Community WG team

Description: What is the project?

This is an onboarding process for new joiners who want to contribute their work to VitaDAO Working Groups.

New joiner process flow:

  1. Users introduce themselves on Discord, Telegram, Twitter or in any other communication channel. Moderator/contact person redirects user to a new Discord channel in open community #contribute (or #join-us?).
  2. In #contribute channel is a pinned message explaining the rules, describing working groups and inviting to the orientation call:

How to Join VitaDAO?

How to Contribute?

We welcome and appreciate participation and contributions and invite you to share your skills and experience with us.

Currently there are 7 working groups building VitaDAO. Please read the descriptions below and if you feel like you match one of these, sign up for the orientation call to get more details. If you want to get to know them better right now: visit their Discord channel, read Governance Forum on Discourse, connect with the Stewards or WG members.

  • Longevity - we identify and assess longevity projects and assets that would be aligned with the VitaDAO community objectives. We recruit academic researchers while proposing, evaluating, and monitoring prospective projects for funding. @timrpeterson

  • Governance - we oversee and iteratively improve all infrastructure and processes related to governance and decision-making among the VitaDAO community. We ensure transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency are at the core of achieving community consensus. @theobtl

  • Community - we focus on elevating the profile of VitaDAO through various mediums to ensure sustainable community growth. We create strategies and content to expose VitaDAO to all interested parties and particularly to web3 and longevity communities. @Steven Zuber @Theodor

  • Tokenomics - we are responsible for the creation and ongoing management of the VitaDAO token economy. We monitor the characteristics of the community token, $VITA, with a view to optimize the incentive of positive behaviour aligned with the community objectives. @Paul Haas

  • Tech and Product - we manage the development and maintenance needs for the technical functionality of the VitaDAO community. We oversee the community GitHub account including website development, smart contracts development, and future community needs. @audieleon @vincentweisser

  • Legal - we oversee and increase understanding of all legal matters related to the VitaDAO community and operations. We constantly monitor trends in web3 legal space to ensure VitaDAO is compliant while protecting community IP and assets from a legal perspective. @Jesse Hudson

  • Ops - We support the planning, execution, and monitoring of the VitaDAO communities ongoing activities. We oversee milestone timelines, find efficiencies, and incentivise operationally relevant tasks. @Stefano

  1. Orientation call

    3.1. Prep

    1. Select/Create voice channel on Discord in public folder
    2. Nominate call lead(s)
    3. Prepare agenda: WGs descriptions and sample tasks
    4. Prepare presentation
    5. Advertise call
    6. Make a sign up form

    3.2. Orientation Call

    1. Self-intro of the call lead
    2. VitaDAO introduction (presentation)
    3. WGs introduction (short descriptions + sample tasks)
    4. Onboarding process explained
    5. Ask attendees to introduce themselves - assess to which WG they could fit and what tasks they could help with
    6. Q&A

    3.3. Assessment
    Call lead takes the list of attendees - writes short summary and contacts the Stewards with potential new joiners. New joiners are invited for the next WG call. If the Steward wants to onboard the candidate - he will receive the welcome pack.

  2. Welcome pack

    1. Access to VitaDAO Working Group Guide

    2. Learning materials: articles, videos, podcasts

    3. Invite to the selected WG next weekly call (if not in place - set up a quick call)

    4. Tools and accesses

      1. Airtable
      2. Discord (WG Member user right)
      3. Google Drive
  3. General improvements for WG members visibility and transparency:

    5.1. Updated CRM with more info about active WG members:

    1. Country, City
    2. Languages
    3. Discord nickname
    4. Telegram nickname
    5. About - short bio

    5.2. Each WG has a pinned message to their channel with all necessary info, template build on OPS WG:

    Ops Working Group
    WG Stewards: @Stefano
    WG Members: @audieleon @Beata @beltenebros @NickVitaDAO @TheoB
    Team Meetings: Mondays at 4:45pm CET
    Where: Working Group Office voice channel here, on Discord
    Discussions happen on: 🎯operations-wg channel here, on Discord
    Ops Working Group Detailed Description:

Problem: What problem is this solving? Why?

Currently we do not have a clear process for onboarding new users to Working Groups. We tend to onboard people without giving them access to the tools and explaining what they could do. On our website we have an Airtable form available for everyone. The written form of engagement is not efficient as people tend to leave empty fields and we can misjudge someone based on a few sentences (we know it from our past experience). I suggest allowing everyone who wants to get involved to join the orientation call, where new joiners can introduce themselves, ask questions and get a better understanding of how they could contribute.

Success: How do we know if we’ve solved this problem?

We get a better overview of people interested in contributing to VitaDAO: we know how many people join on a monthly basis and what is the conversion rate. We avoid 1:1 calls with all new joiners - we save time. We don’t need to check with every new joiner if she/he got access to all tools, if he understands how DAO works - they will receive welcome packs, onboarding materials and one person sending them will make sure to give access to all tools.

Timeline: When does it ship, and what are the milestones?

If we would start this week (July 27th), we could have the first Orientation call around the 20th of August. We could keep the date of the 20th of each month as a date of Orientation calls.

Rough timeline:

  1. Create a welcome pack - 1 week
  2. Start #contribute channel, write intro - 2 days
  3. Nominate leads for the calls for next quarter - 1 week
  4. Prepare a presentation - 3 weeks
  5. Schedule calls - 1 day
  6. Marketing - 2 weeks
  7. Improve CRM and WG channels descriptions - 2 weeks



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Thanks, @Beata for writing this proposal and tying together the loose ends. :pray:t2:

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Great work @Beata. IMO because this is so thorough this seems better as a guide for those doing the onboarding. Let’s have a trimmed down version for those being onboarded. Also, we need to assign people in each WG to doing the onboarding.


Thanks for the comment, Tim. I agree - this is a manual for those doing the onboarding. Definitely, we will create a shorter version for new joiners, it will be a part of ‘Welcome pack’.

Good idea to have one person in each WG who can be nominated as a ‘buddy’ - will be responsible for onboarding new members.