Season 0 Announcement

Season 0

’Tis the season! Season 0 strategic goals and calls for proposals are here. Below is a list of the strategic goals, and project areas we’d like to focus on this season to support those goals, and the available budget.

Goals & Objectives

Click these links to find out more about them and start a discussion!
Season 0.1 - Increase Community Size
Season 0.2 - Increase Number of Token Holders
Season 0.3 - Accelerate Research Assets
Season 0.4 - Increase Researcher Engagement


Governance Phase : 6 weeks

  • Goals & Objectives: Feb 20 till Feb 27
  • Appeal Period: Feb 20 till March 6
  • Proposal Submission: Feb 27 till March 13
  • Proposal Discussion: Feb 27 till March 20
  • Proposal Voting : March 20 till April 3

Execution Phase: 10 weeks

Proposal Implementation: April 3 till June 12

We open with a general discussion about each focus area, starting now and ending on March 6. Each focus area will have their own thread in Discourse, where you can ask questions, challenge assumptions, brainstorm ideas, and find collaborators.

In the 2 weeks after March 6, we will be accepting public project proposals addressing one or more of these focuses. See below for tips on what makes a good proposal!

What makes a good proposal?

  • The execution part of the season starts on March 20 and ends on June 12. The proposal’s scope should be manageable in this time frame.
  • Proposals must come with a proposed budget, so every voting DAO member can be informed on both the benefits and the costs. Proposals do not need to use up the entire budget available for its focus area!
  • Proposals should come with not just ideas but also an execution plan, including who are in the execution team. We’d love to see the proposal initiator also lead execution, but you don’t have to come ready with the whole team! VitaDAO sees many talented new people joining every day, including people who would be excited to co-lead a brand new initiative.
  • We also welcome institutions and service providers: other DAOs, web3 and non-web3 companies, agencies, startups, and research groups.
  • Post your proposal (or even ideas for proposals!) early to gather feedback and interest from potential contributors! There are two weeks of discussions before voting, where you are free to keep developing or modifying your proposals.