Seasonal Governance Wiki

Seasonal Governance Wiki

This post serves as a one-stop wiki for the VitaDAO community on everything you need to know on how to participate in seasonal governance. The original passed proposal can be found here: VDP-60 Seasonal Governance.

How do I participate in Seasonal Governance?

All seasonal governance related activities and discussions happen here (as well as VitaDAO’s metagovernance) on our Discourse forum. This wiki will detail a step-by-step guide below for any VitaDAO community member on how to get access and get involved.

How do I sign-up for VitaDAO’s Discourse Forum?

First things first, sign up by clicking the button “Sign Up” button in the top right of your screen and entering your information. We will also require any incoming members to fill in this Airtable Form to request access to editing rights in our forum. We will be gating access to our Discourse forum however, everything will still be publicly readable.

As part of our 2023 strategic plan, VitaDAO will be focusing heavily on community engagement and growth. We want to reward our members/ token holders with exclusive access to experiences and opportunities and will be curating these for our members who have shown their support of VitaDAO through hard work in our working groups and for contributions of capital to help fund our research projects and operations. We will continue to provide information and educational content as a service to longevity community and the public but we will also focus more on providing more value to our token holding members.

What is Seasonal Governance?

Instead of rolling governance, in this experiment we “batch” our governance process. We do this by dividing our operation into seasons, where each season is 4 months long.

What are the stages within each Season?

Governance only happens during 6 weeks of each season, called the Governance Phase. Sub-phases like Goals & Objectives, Appeal Period, Proposal Submission/Discussion/Voting make up the Governance Phase during each Season. The rest of the time is dedicated to execution, called the Execution Phase.

1) Goals & Objectives

During Week 1 of a Season, VitaCore and stewards publish a set of goals and objectives. This is posted under the sub-category on Discourse “Goals & Objectives” using the appropriate template.

2) Appeal Period

If any community member disagrees with a Goal & Objective proposed, they can start an appeal discussion and vote (e.g. “X should not be a goal yet”) during Week 1 & 2 of a Season. The vote passes if a supermajority (66.67%) of tokens vote for it.

How do I appeal a Goal/Objective for the Season?

Appeals are posted under the sub-category on Discourse “Appeals” using the appropriate template.

3) Proposal Submission

This stage occurs during Week 2 & 4 of a Season. VitaCore and Steward publish calls for proposals to address certain goals. Anyone can submit proposals in response.

  • For example, a goal could be to increase the VitaDAO Community Size. Anyone can submit proposals for initiatives that can grow our community. There can be several competing proposals for this goal.

How do I submit a proposal for the Season?

Proposals are submitted under the sub-category on Discourse “Community Proposals” using the appropriate template.

What constitutes a good proposal?

  • The proposal’s scope should be manageable within the execution time frame.
  • Proposals must come with a proposed budget, so every voting DAO member can be informed on both the benefits and the costs. Proposals do not need to use up the entire budget available for its focus area!
  • Proposals should come with not just ideas but also an execution plan, including who are in the execution team. We’d love to see the proposal initiator also lead execution, but you don’t have to come ready with the whole team! VitaDAO sees many talented new people joining every day, including people who would be excited to co-lead a brand new initiative.
  • We also welcome institutions and service providers: other DAOs, web3 and non-web3 companies, agencies, startups, research groups etc.

4) Proposal Discussion

This stage occurs during Week 2 & 5 of a Season. Community members and contributors comment on submitted proposals. They can also volunteer themselves for projects and initiatives. Proposals may be modified, merged, or spilt up during this time.

How do I discuss/reply/comment on a proposal for the Season?

Proposals are discussed under the submitted proposal threads in the sub-category on Discourse “Community Proposals”.

5) Proposal Voting

This stage occurs during Week 5 & 6 of a Season. Proposals are voted on Snapshot, teams are formed.

6) Execution Phase

This stage occurs during Week 6 till 16 for rest of the Season. During the execution phase, we focus on executing the proposals that passed voting. Governance related discussions and proposals are minimised, until the next season. Exceptions can be made for urgent matters. Whether something is an urgent matter will be decided on by a majority vote among VitaCore.

  • Project funding proposals are not part of seasonal governance! Funding proposals can be proposed and voted on any time.

Who can participate?

Everyone and every background is welcome! VitaDAO community members include professors, researchers, students, but also people who are just longevity curious. New and old members are both welcome! We designed seasonal governance to be transparent and newcomers friendly. No DAO or longevity experience necessary.