Season 0.2 - Increase Number of Token Holders

Strategic Goal - Increase Number of Token Holders

Market research to determine what value added services would be most valuable to the membership. Produce Member Services scoping plan for 2023. (up to $5k USDC value)

To create value for token holders, we are looking for ways to provide access to valuable opportunities and experience. But the question remains: who are token holders? What would they find useful? Discounts on products or services? Curated events with longevity field experts? Special access to conferences or VitaDAO-hosted events? This season we would like to learn what our token holders want, so we can begin the process of developing these services in subsequent seasons of 2023.

Note that the budget numbers are guides as to the scope of what is expected in this Season. Some projects may continue for multiple seasons and therefore projects should keep the seasonal timeframe in mind when scoping and assembling budgetary figures.

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