VDP-121 Proposal to Mint 10% of Total Token Supply


The Tokenomics Squad proposes to mint an additional 10% of total token supply in new vested VITA for new strategic contributors.


Todd White, Alex Dobrin


VitaDAO’s growth is tracking to the 2023 Strategic Plan, and in the case of the Dealflow Working Group, the working group has exceeded its internal target of 1 project funding per month, with 12 projects funded in the past 9 months.

While VitaDAO has an operational budget through to June 2024, it is desirable to maintain the momentum of the Dealflow Working Group and community growth initiatives, and ensure sufficient resources will be available to take advantage of opportunities.

At the same time, VitaDAO’s community is being frequently approached by institutional biotech and web3 entities interested in Longevity and Decentralised Science (“DeSci”) and are looking for ways to participate.

The 2023 Strategic Plan outlines the launch of the VitaDAO Accredited Investor Fund (VDAIF) which is anticipated in Q4 of this year. The fund will be token-gated thereby increasing demand for VITA tokens to allow for participation. Purchasing VITA on DEXs is impossible for these entities in high enough volume. The Tokenomics Squad members believe it would be beneficial to grow the DAO treasury and include these entities.


The current minted supply of VITA is 25,719,552. We propose to mint an additional 6,429,888 VITA, bringing the minted supply to 32,149,440, or 50% of the Total Token Supply of 64, 298,880 .

This 10% will be used to provide allocations to new strategic contributors.


The Coordination Working Group will mint an additional 6,429,888 VITA and place it initially in a ring fenced multisig to maintain distinction from VitaDAO’s main treasury activities.

Once completed, this proposal authorises the Coordination Working Group to undertake a process similar in format to VDP-54 and VDP-58 for the allocation of the tokens.


No additional budget is required for this proposal. Costs are already anticipated within the Coordination Working Group operational budget.

It is anticipated that there may be additional legal costs similar to those outlined in VDP-58 upon formalising the token allocations to strategic contributors.

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In favor of this move, thanks tokenomics squad!

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