SG 0.1c - Onboarding videos for Strategic Goal - Increase Community Size

Season 0.1 - Increase Community Size


Increase the number of people in the community by spreading awareness, making it easier to login, and making it smoother to onboard.

Relevance to Strategic Plan

I’d like to make onboarding videos to make the process smoother, which would theoretically entice more people to onboard.


Since I’m a total newbie, it’s not obvious to me how long or complicated the onboarding flow is (and therefore how much work will be required to make onboarding videos).

But, for the sake of estimating, let’s say 30 minutes worth of videos needs to be made, and let’s say there will be 6 videos at 5 minutes each (6 x 5 = 30). I would estimate each video will take 10 hours to make. I will bill at $80/hr. So I estimate the total price to be $80/hr * 6 videos * 10 hours = $4,800.

VitaDAO’s available funds

For context, (as of Feb 1st, 2023) VitaDAO funded 15+ projects with $3.5m+, and has ~$4.5m in liquid funds remaining (before further fundraising), which will be used for:

  1. Funding new projects
  2. Operations, including sourcing, incubation, evaluation, & community growth
  3. Follow-on funding, including for projects VitaDAO will spin out


From Strategic Goal - Increase Community Size:
gov. vitadao. com + /t/season-0-1-increase-community-size/1145
(sorry for formatting, i am unable to post links)

A consistent request we’ve received from our onboarding process is video and other interactive onboarding contents. We’d like to see this content made by the experts — new community members who recently went through the onboarding experience.

A series of onboarding videos hyper-specific to new community members made by someone who just want through the onboarding flow would be extremely beneficial.


*Project Lead: joshm#7575 - who is also willing to take on the Team role of lead (has not joined the discord, yet)

*Team: joshm#7575

*Description: As a new, not yet onboarded member, I’ll go through the onboarding process, ask questions, and take copious amounts of notes. Then, as a videographer, I’ll make the series of onboarding videos I wish I had.

An example of a video series I’ve done for a client:
youtube. com/playlist?list=PL0to7Ng4PuuYQT4eXlHb_oIlq_RPeuasN

An example of a video I made:
youtube. com/watch?v=tJoUr9VzNbQ


None - yet.


*Success Metrics:

  • leadership reviews the videos and confirms that they are accurate
  • velocity of community growth increases above baseline
  • new member sentiment with onboarding process becomes more positive

Timeline: Define a timeline for how long you think this project will take. What are key milestones you will focus on?

I would estimate 2 weeks to onboard, interview, and get situated, and then a week per video after that. So 8 weeks total.

Milestones can be video releases.

  • Agree
  • Revisions Requested (Detail in Comments)
  • Disagree

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I would prefer to budget by deliverable, not by the time it takes someone to make the deliverable.

$800 per video looks above market rate on Fiverr. Based on views and subscribers from the sample videos, I’m not convinced you can command that rate yet.

What would the plan to review the videos be? If others are reviewing, will they be compensated for the service? What if corrections are needed? Who will judge the success of the videos?

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I personally would feel more confident voting “yes” if the budget was a lump sum for this initial project.


I’m not comfortable with the $80/hr rate especially, when even our stewards are subject to less for their work


That’s fair. I’m open to that!

I’m open to negotiating. What is your perception of what market rate is?

Since I’m new to the community, I’m not aware of what the processes are like for this kind of thing, but I would default to a typical freelancer-client process. Something like

  1. I’ll do a storyboard (or similar “MVP” like a lightly edited dry run of the walk through)
  2. I’ll submit it to whichever group needs to review it
  3. We’ll iterate until everyone (or a majority?) is satisfied
  4. I’ll make the actual video
  5. I’ll submit the video to the same group
  6. I’ll iterate until everyone* is satisfied
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That can be arranged!

We can do a “per” video basis.

While i generally agree with content production, its difficult for the community to agree on a price or budget without prior experience/past performance.
@josh have you considered doing a few videos out of the goodness of your heart and then applying for retroactive funding?

Since #views and #leads are the metrics for this type of work, I suggest pitching a few options for VITA/view and VITA/lead to the community and test feedback.


Agree, ideally we compensate based on impact, we can do a more budget friendly first run at low base compensation for the outcome, and then tier some rewards based on views and website clicks or something


This is all reasonable. Here are the amendments to the proposal. Changes are in bold, but other context is included so it makes sense.

  • I’ll make one video for free - wherever the first bottle neck is or whatever the community decides the video should be about.
  • I’ll get feedback from leadership/community
  • If the consensus is “yes” (i.e. the community likes my videos) then I’m open to
    • $300 per “basic video”
      • (walk through + voice + editing)
    • $400 per “advanced video”
      • (all of basic + display of arrows and other “polish” animations)

Success Metrics:

  • leadership reviews the videos and confirms that they are accurate and acceptable
  • ideally velocity of community growth increases above baseline (not guaranteed to be noticeable)
  • amount of time it takes new members to get up and running decreases
  • new member sentiment with onboarding process becomes more positive

This proposal did not pass phase 2 and will not be implemented by the DAO