VITADAO investments: better organization, discussion for all members

VDP for funding, group discussions, AI summarizers for advancing/expanding member participation.

Could we organize/segregate VDPs that are specific for funding raising/pitches for easier consumption/navigation? Right now it seems all VDPs are just stacked upon each other no matter what subject matter. For wider member participation/interest, could we discuss methods or flow process to help laymans + newer members to onboard, educate and understand some of the core concepts, terminologies behind some of these proposals? Q/A sessions or someone had brought up leveraging AI summarizers.

I believe this could help bolster and attract new members, participation and improve overall quality of participation as well.

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I am currently working on a project to consolidate our VDPs for better organisation, navigation and congruency


Agree! Think key is to separate out research proposals/discussions from the others, and as you said have clear summaries in the beginning… and imo we should do something like retroactively reward great comments and thoughts (eg. we could have something like coordinape where we monthly vote for most insightful/best comments and reviews)


@jundoima - great suggestion, and @vincent suggested this a couple weeks ago about organizing the governance into a few specific threads.

So now, if you look under Proposals:

You will seen some new subgroups for exactly that purpose. @consigli3re has taken on the project to organize and help update all governance to be consistent (deprecate old proposals, make sure any inconsistent terms are clarified, etc.).

I like your idea about AI summarizers as a tool, and we can definitely look into that.

We have onboarding sessions currently, but is there something you specifically would want those sessions to cover - are their specific questions that you don’t feel we are answering properly?