[VitaCore] Pitching To Core Stakeholders

Some ideas to consider when moving forward

To Consider

  • Create a Discourse “Idea” so those who want to get involved can contribute.
  • Have a clear understanding of the Investor Target Profile
  • What’s The Pitch / What does your pitch deck contain?
  • What’s the potential “ROI”?
    Not always monetary for some.
  • Always include an answer to “What’s in it for me?” so it’s clear what the value is for investors.


  • Make sure the pitch deck flows well, not too text heavy, easy to understand and the process of investing and potential outcomes are CLEAR
  • Introductions / referrals from Insiders work best
  • Create an email template that can be reviewed by the team AND/OR
  • Create a LinkedIn message template that can be reviewed by the team for “cold investors”


  • Tyler and Paul have a lot of experience meeting with investors, so it’s good to loop them into this.
  • Other considerations?

@NickVitaDAO, happy to contribute to this.

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Agree that we should loop in @tylergolato and @PaulHaas!

Would also be amazing to have @timrpeterson giving inputs and feedback on this.

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Very cool idea @NickVitaDAO ! I adjusted the title of your idea slightly to suit our focus.

In my opinion, its important to highlight that VitaDAO doesn’t have traditional investors in that sense, as it should not be considered an investment with the classical expectation of profits by the efforts of others. Following this line of argumentation could make VITA be seen as a security, rather than a governance tool and access right.

That said, we should make a strategy to bring in strategic stakeholders that actively participate in governance, evaluate projects and help further VitaDAOs cause. One approach here could be to actively get such stakeholders involved in working groups, provide human capital and time rather than pure funding and capital. The latter can always come and VitaDAOs genesis contribution event has provided a solid budget to work from for now.

In any case, always happy to help guide these conversations and pitches :slight_smile:


This is starting to become a higher priority ticket @timrpeterson @longevion @PaulHaas @tylergolato so I’d suggest we get started on some concrete guidelines based on my suggestions, so we can boost our deal flow.

Anyone else we need to loop in? Anything else worth mentioning?