VDP-99: Bridging VITA to Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon

One-liner: This proposal suggests prioritizing the launch of VITA on the layer2s and side chains of Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon

Following VDP-20 and given the current rise in ethereum gas prices again, I propose to prioritize launching VITA on Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon each with $250k of liquidity in each VITA + ETH to explore which communities are interested to participate in VitaDAO on these layer2s and side chains. We can re-iterate the amounts later based on use and popularity.

We will work together with those layer2s to raise awareness for VitaDAO launching on their chains.

Implementation: Transferring these amounts to gnosis multisigs controlled by the dao.

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@Taliskermalt could you help provide a bit of transparency - how does this work with the current budget?

While we should definitely do what Vincent is proposing IMHO, it’s hard to gauge what the priority should be if one does hold the full financial picture in mind.

@vincent what do you expect the impact will be with 750k + 750k of liquidity on Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon? $vita price, more users, etc. Are there other tokens that did the same we could learn from?

If it’s hard to carve out 1.5M from the current budget, we could also raise specifically for this task.

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It wouldnt cost us much at all in the grand scheme, because we could move some liquidity from ethereum to those L2s. In general, it would make it easier for many users to get involved without high gas fees.


OK, but wouldn’t we need to grab some $$ from the current budget? Or is this shifting liquidity from Ethereum? I don’t doubt this is a good idea, just want to see how we fund this.

Any updates on this? Would love to see L2 presence sooner rather than later

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Totally makes sense! wen L2? :grin:

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Absolutely! going up for a vote soon

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This proposal has passed phase 3 and is currently being implemented by the DAO!