VDP-67 [Governance]: VITA allocations for more dealflow contributors

One-liner: Giving long-term VITA token allocations to top contributors in the Longevity-Dealflow Working Group


Contributors earn VITA tokens and USDC for completing VDP26.1 bounties and various projects within the Longevity-Dealflow WG.

Proposal: Allocate 750,000 VITA tokens for 8 of the top new contributors and allow up to 200,000 VITA more to be allocated for a few more.

These will be distributed over the next 4 years (with a 1-year cliff).


VitaDAO aims to fund and spin out the best translational longevity projects to accelerate progress towards a healthier longer life.

The Longevity-Dealflow Working Group is at the heart of this mission, sourcing, incubating, evaluating, negotiating, and helping advance / spinout projects toward medicine we can all take.

It is paramount that the members have more of a say in what VitaDAO does, via a governance allocation, while giving them more ownership and alignment with our mission.



The tokens will each be in a separate multisig, with the recipient, the VitaDAO Operations Multisig, the VitaDAO treasury multisig, and an individual steward. After 12 months, 25% of the tokens unlock and can be sent to the recipient to own and do with as they please. Each month after that, another 2.08% of the allocated amount unlocks. Each multisig will delegate voting to the recipient so they can vote on proposals day 1.

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Hope to see more and similar incentives roll out to other working groups within the DAO too

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Agree directionally, but would prefer to make it coupled to specific work, and outcomes, especially for the expected work going forward, so there is a concrete way to increase/reduce governance incentives, similar to whats proposed here [Discussion] Safe DAO Resource Allocation Model (OBRA) - Governance - Safe Community Forum



It is coupled to specific work! And it’s a base level assuming similar involvement, but if the input/output changes the amounts also change.

Appreciate any specific suggestions, and happy to have a side-poll for multiple structures.

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Are these allocations compensation for one year of work or four years of work? Somewhat unclear in the proposal.


The tokens unlock based on how long the person keeps contributing in a similar manner (so if 1 year, only 25%, if 4 years, 100% of the amounts)

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absolutely should be milestone/objective based for distributions… please please make this adjustment.


Can someone remind me what percent of the FD token supply this represents?

I think compensation for these roles is much needed to provide proper incentive for these much needed roles and am supportive.

Curious what kind of dilution hit this is? There are ~64M tokens so this would 1/64 = 1.5%?

Or another way to think about this is 23.4M tokens still availible to mint. This is like our stock option pool, we would be allocating 1/23.4=4.2% to support 1yr of operations?


Is this proposal to support 8 new positions? I think it would work best in that manner.

If someone drops out we can rehire…

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These allocations are tied to the entire DAO and WG milestones & objectives. The goal is that more people will be empowered to get VitaDAO to success.

@scienceman you are right, it’s about ~1.5% but also there are only ~25M in total right now, and we’ll mint more soon (a bigger proposal coming up). But there are 64-25=39M tokens available to be minted over time - 60%
(at least until someone lives longer than 122yrs and we can increase the max token supply a bit :grin: )

And yes if people drop out the tokens can be redistributed to others etc but we’ll probably have another VDP.

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This proposal is now live for voting on Snapshot.

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