VDP-97 [Governance]: $VITA allocations for community & awareness contributors

One-liner: Giving long-term VITA token allocations to top contributors in the Community & Awareness Working Group


Proposal: Allocate 700,000 VITA tokens for 6 of the top contributors and allow up to 300,000 VITA more to be allocated for a few more. This proposal allocates tokens which are budgeted for as contemplated in VDP-72.

These will be distributed over the next 4 years (with a 1-year cliff).


VitaDAO aims to fund and spin out the best translational longevity projects to accelerate progress towards a healthier longer life.

The Awareness & Community WG focuses on elevating the profile of VitaDAO through various mediums to ensure sustainable community growth. Members of the Awareness & Community WG create strategies and content to expose VitaDAO to all interested parties and particularly to web3 and longevity communities.


Proposed Allocations


The tokens will each be in a separate multisig, with the recipient, the VitaDAO Operations Multisig, the VitaDAO treasury multisig, and an individual steward. After 12 months, 25% of the tokens unlock and can be sent to the recipient to own and do with as they please.

Each month after that, another 2.08% of the allocated amount unlocks. Each multisig will delegate voting to the recipient so they can vote on proposals day 1.

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Is this enough? The extra allowance should probably be higher? 700,000?

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Awesome initiative! Building community is harder than it looks and should be incentivised accordingly.

My only question is that some of these deliverables are organised by teams within VitaDAO and not a single contributor. For example, I help organise DeSci Singapore every month with @Max_Unfried alongside some major events for VitaDAO. I have also represented VitaDAO at various events like the recent ones in Tokyo (DAO Tokyo & DeSci Tokyo). In this case, how would a team/individual get compensated for their efforts?


This proposal has passed phase 3 and is being implemented by the DAO