VDP-50 - Running small scale experiments for incentivizing contributors (coordinape, dework etc.)

The goal is to experiment with different rewards mechanisms for active and long-tail contributors, by assigning a regular $vita budget from tokenomics to explore these mechanisms.


The goal is to experiment with different ways of rewarding active and long-term contributors. This could include giving them “kudos” that can be converted into a small payment (through something like Coordinape), or providing a decentralized task bounty board (such as https://dework.xyz/) where active contributors can suggest tasks and anyone in the community can apply to do them.


*Project Lead: Who is leading this project? Vincent Weisser#9975 with strong input from all active contributors, especially stewards, core contributors and active wg contributors for input on what they think would be valuable experiment for their working group

  • goal is to see if these experiments can incentivize active contributors in a more playful and openly transparent way.

Budget: What is the expected budget, and how will this budget be used and distributed among the team.

  • 5-10k VITA per month to start with
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Agree with running such small-scale experiments broadly, especially DeWork for bounties.

Would be more cautious with some others, like Coordinape which I’m not sure if it works as intended.

Ideally, we would specify some boundaries and limits for how much each kudo/GIVE/praise should be worth and how much any individual account can receive. If we’re talking about tipping and bonus incentives, a maximum per person like 200-500 VITA could be appropriate? If we’re talking about bounties and project work, perhaps a maximum of 1k VITA per bounty?

5-10k VITA per month for all experiments is quite a bit but seems reasonable.


Agree! Main goal is to start experimenting a bit more to see what works and scales, think its worth exploring coordinape just to see how it unfolds… and should be somewhat weighted that the most active contributors can give more kudos vs inactive ones… will look into alternatives like tokenengineering commons tipping experiments


Agree with Vincent’s proposal! It’s reasonable to adopt more DAO toolings, like Dework and Coordinape, to make the whole collaboration process more transparent and accessible. I think it also helps with the decentralization of VitaDAO and Desci communities.

But before the adoption, some topics should be considered more detailedly:

1, Be sure what goal to achieve by integrating with other toolings. And how many VitaDAO team members are responsible for such integration and how much the budget will be.

2, Figure out the workflow or the collaboration process in VitaDAO to see what and how contributors can do in VitaDAO through DAO toolings.

3, Any further thoughts(like more strategic thoughts) about the integration? Will there be any affiliated programs based on such integration?

Just some thoughts come into my mind now.

I’m one of the community contributors in Dework and also a big fan of VitaDAO (as former biomedical material engineer,kek). Would like to have a deep talk with you and feel free to contact! My discord: 0x.knight#4565

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