VDP-130 [Governance]: VITA-FAST Community Growth and Operational Support Proposal


This proposal aims to allocate a budget of up to $50,000 for the VITA-FAST community to support its expansion and operational needs.

The VITA-FAST initiative is centered on governing Autophagy research in collaboration with the Viktor Korolchuk Lab at Newcastle University. This funding will facilitate direct community interaction with the lab’s pioneering work.


The VITA-FAST community is engaged in the governance of Autophagy research, a critical area in longevity science. The community leverages VITA-FAST tokens to interact with and support the Korolchuk Lab’s efforts to discover compounds that promote autophagy and cellular rejuvenation.


We propose the following allocation of funds:

  1. Community Growth: up to $40,000
  • To be utilized for initiatives that will increase community engagement and membership.
  1. Operational Support: up to $10,000
  • To cover the essential operational costs that enable the community to function effectively.


The allocation is designed to enhance the VITA-FAST community’s capacity to support vital research and ensure sustainable operations. This proposal recognizes the community’s potential to contribute significantly to longevity research and the importance of maintaining robust operational support.


  • A strategic plan for the utilization of the community growth funds.
  • An operational budget outline detailing the allocation of support funds.

Funding Request

The total funding requested is up to $50,000, to be released from the VitaDAO treasury subject to approval.


By approving this proposal, VitaDAO will strengthen the VITA-FAST community’s role in advancing Autophagy research, thereby contributing to the overarching goal of promoting human longevity.

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