VitaDAO 2024-2025 Mandate proposal

One-liner: VitaDAO’s new mandate prioritizes tokenized asset efforts, aims to create up to 10 IPTs, and fosters community growth, all within a $2.5m budget by 2025.

Team: Alex Dobrin, Paul Kohlhaas, Todd White, Tyler Golato, Laurence Ion, Vincent Weisser

2025 Escape Velocity.

Since VitaDAOs inception, we have helped pioneer the decentralized science movement, catalyzed a global community, and funded research in a diverse set of areas in laboratories, in leading biotech startups, and individuals to become the change they wish to see in their lifetime.

After 3 years, we feel there are sufficient data points and the necessity for the DAO to narrow down on a few core activities for 2024 and 2025 to achieve escape velocity. In this proposal, we lay out a new mandate for the activities we propose the DAO dedicate its core resources to. We propose focus and discipline as we prepare for escape velocity.

Achieving this Mission is accomplished through the following mandate:

Make VitaDAO research funding efforts sustainable by leveraging tokenization. This evergreen R&D strategy entails VitaDAO identifying and funding commercially viable early-stage longevity projects, tokenizing them, and reclaiming the principal investment through trading fees, liquidity provision, and token appreciation while maintaining large positions in the assets. wThus, a relatively small pool of funding can be used to fund many projects, overcoming the single biggest barrier to longevity biotech.

VitaDAO funded Viktor Korolchuk and NewCastle University in late 2021 with $285k, and the research is still ongoing. In June 2023, VitaDAO launched the first intellectual property token (IPT) pool offering governance to the VitaDAO community. The market stabilized at a valuation of $1.5m and then sharply rose to $14m.

$VITA-FAST in VitaDAOs multisig is valued at $3.6m. Over 6 months, the DAO generated over $130,000 in trading fees and liquidity provision, recouping 50% of its principal in cash and a return exceeding 13x in 18 months.

Three lead compound families have been identified, generating 2x more autophagy events than Rapamycin at standard doses. If successful, these compounds could become unique novel longevity therapeutics with VitaDAO holding the exclusive IP rights. We are exploring what a DAO-native commercialisation pathway could look like. Taking a step further, we want to enable VitaDAO to become a place of DAO-native research proposals. VitaDAO encompasses an incredibly strong research community - let’s put it to use.

We believe the numbers, and potential impact here speak for themselves. This could be an entirely new model of sustainable biotech financing. Resources should be fully prioritized to accelerate this model rather than diverting attention across a myriad of activities.

This model is supplemented by targeted efforts in:

  1. Grow longevity network state efforts through partnerships with Vitalia hosting longevity focused gatherings for 1000s of people.

  2. Offer the best longevity services, treatments, and products to VitaDAO members through the Membership Portal, ensuring that it is as easy, simple, and time-efficient as possible to optimize member longevity.

  3. Conduct a first decentralized trial by leveraging the power of the VitaDAO community.

  4. Make VitaDAO a top 100 crypto community through increased crypto awareness and token utility. This will enable the liquidity to make everything else possible.


  • Direct over $10m into earliest stage longevity research through DeSci tokenisation efforts
  • Create 10 IPTs generating a minimum $2m in cashflow to the DAO.
  • Generate over $1m in revenue through the membership portal
  • Bring VitaDAO into the top 100 crypto communities by size
  • Grow the treasury by $15m

Timeline: Jan 2024 - Jan 2026

Budget: $2.5m

Review process

If this new mandate is accepted then a further proposal will be submitted to the community for approval with clear outcomes and metrics, an organizational design to achieve that mandate, followed by a new compensation plan and budget.

After the proposal is accepted, VitaDAO will propose a 2024 budget for approval, to optimize for funding research with a low burn rate and very clear accountable metrics that recipients of VitaDAO resources are held accountable to. As such, this proposal will override all resource allocations from previous proposals.

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I’M HERE FOR IT :hot_face:


Amazing proposal, I’m in full support of this!


Awesome work on pushing this, Alex!! Love the focus and conciseness

Makes sense - wonder if outcome based resource allocation could make sense here, where its somewhat success based and contributors get a share in the outcomes they contribute to.


I strongly support this proposal for its focus on sustainable funding, community growth, and achieving escape velocity for VitaDAO. The tokenization model outlined is innovative and has already proven successful with the $VITA-FAST IPT, generating significant returns and recouping investment. It’s exciting to see this model applied to fund up to 10 new projects, creating a sustainable engine for longevity research.

The focus on community engagement through partnerships, membership portal, and a decentralized trial is equally encouraging. These initiatives will foster broader participation and support to help make VitaDAO a top crypto community.

With 12 agree votes and 0 disagrees, the community seems to agree on the potential of this proposal.

Excited to see the review process following the success of this one and like @vincent’s idea with the outcome based resource allocation. The best way to incentivize effort and compensation accordingly IMO.

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I like this ambitious strategy - and looking forward to executing it


Clear goals are amazingness. Good work!
What’s the $2.5M use of proceeds?

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Great to be working with ambitious goals with a clear timeline and budget. If we aim to fund 10 IPTs with an average of $200K per opportunity, operating at a similar burn rate, are you sure $2.5M will be enough?

We will also need to onboard more company building talent in order to develop these assets. I’m sure there’s strategy behind this, but curious to hear your thinking on making the DAO more operationally efficient whilst leaving enough for contingency. Thanks!


I like the ambition, but I think 5 is more feasible. It’s a lot just to get one going…

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  • Create 10 IPTs generating a minimum $2m in cashflow to the DAO.

Given Feedback from Eleanor and Anthony would recommend the following

  • Fund 10 IP-NFTs project over 2 years and create 5 IPTs projects.
    Funding 10 IP-NFTs should be more achievable

For budget I do not have visibility on VitaDAO’s operating expenses so I rely on people with more knowledge

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Killer work - this is deeply needed!


This is a beautiful proposal. There’s so much value to create. I am fully in support.


Great to have metrics - but I find it could be a bit more ambitious.

Also are we “10 IPTs” or “up to 10 IPTs”.
There’s a discrepancy between goals and the one-liner, should be precise otherwise we will have 6 months discussions again on what the actual goal was.

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Super excited for this, and if approved, let’s follow up with a followup proposal by end of month.

Grateful to @alexdobrin for spearheading this :pray::yellow_heart: