VDP-127: VitaDAO Ambassador Initiative


The VitaDAO Community Ambassador Initiative is designed to empower mission-aligned individuals globally to foster community growth, engage in outreach, and host in-person events, promoting VitaDAO’s vision of decentralized funding for early-stage longevity research.

Relevance to Strategic Plan:

This initiative aligns with VitaDAO’s primary strategic goals of:

  1. Amplifying Community Engagement and Size.
  2. Enhancing Brand Awareness within General and Niche Audiences.
  3. Encouraging Decentralized Governance and Participation.


By tapping into the power of localized communities, we aim to promote VitaDAO’s values, increase VITA token utility and awareness, and spur meaningful in-person interactions. This aligns with the foundational principles of Ethereum and web3—empowering communities to drive change.

Ambassador Squad Core Team:

@alexdobrin @Alex @m_marinova @estherk @Adrian Matysek, Andreas Melhede, @gweisha

Decentralized Governance Framework:

Ambassadors will report to the Ambassador squad core team, but all major decisions related to budgets, and modifications to the program will be presented to VitaCore.

Ambassador Criteria:

  • Successfully undergo a screening process including a call to verify identity.
  • Conversational proficiency in English.
  • Submission of a comprehensive plan for their Ambassador activities.
  • Completion of VitaDAO training modules.
  • Preferred: Local ties to communities such as academic research, biohacking, web3, venture, etc.
  • Organisations and university societies can act as partner or ambassador organisations. They would organised joint events and not require ambassador compensation because we are sponsoring their event and community.

Event Approval and Governance:

Events need pre-approval by the Ambassador squad and VitaDAO.

Approval is based on the initiative’s budget, strategic alignment, event proposal, and the Ambassador’s past records.

Compensation and Reimbursement:

Event Budget

Compensation can be claimed after a successful event. Payment bounty ranging from $100 - $200 USD, with bonuses based on attendance and views.

A referral and commission mechanism will be considered for future implementation.

Bounties may be added for valuable conversions, e.g., new regular contributors.

Implementation Metrics:


Number of events: 5 per month

Attendees per event: 20-40

Recurring attendees: Min 15%

Ambassadors recruited: Min 10

Local communities engaged: 10

Academic institutions partnerships: 3-5/quarter


Institution quality: Vetted by unbiased team members.

Community feedback: 1-5 star rating system with feedback provision.

Budget Proposal:

Total 6-month budget: 21,750 USDC & 9,500 vested VITA tokens

Ambassador squad compensation: 6,750 USDC

Event Reimbursements: Up to $750 per event (based on 10 ambassadors with 2 events each)

Ambassador Compensation: Up to $200 per event (based on performance metrics and dependent on geographic location). Option for bonuses on multiple or highly successful events in strategic locations.

Team Rewards: 1,500 VITA (based on 10 VITA/hr and additional performance incentives)

Airdrops for New Contributors: Up to 150 VITA per event


By adopting this proposal, VitaDAO aims to merge the best of decentralized governance with community-driven outreach, fostering genuine growth and enhancing its global footprint.

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Thanks @m_marinova Is it possible to see some metrics in terms of ‘Return on Investment’ from events over the past 6 months?

sounds good! :flushed: let’s see what happen next

Good job,it’s a new week and new Idea