Sponsoring longhack.org


  • Source projects
  • Grow our network


Budget proposal based on initial voting - $15,000

Voting results from VitaCore discussion on how much to sponsor with:

4 votes for $20k-$25k → average of $22,5k
2 votes for $10k-$15k → average of $12,5k
1 vote for $15-$20k → average of $17,5k
3 votes for $5k-$10k → average of $7,5k

The weighted average will be the following:
$22,5k * 4(#votes) + $12,5k * 2 + $17,5k * 1 + $7,5k *3 = $15,5k

What do we offer to the participants:

  • VitaDAO prize of $3,000

  • an airdrop to the participants that successfully complete a VitaDAO quiz. We can set a budget within 5,000 for airdrop.

What do we get:

  • 1 mentor(Laurence) + 2 judges (Laurence, Tim) → source projects

  • Targeted marketing

  • VitaDAO mentioned in longhack.org newsletter

  • Optional participation in a podcast with social media influencers

What do we give to organizers

Longhack.org will receive $7,000 (70%-30% ratio).

After the hackathon, in the following week, we airdrop VITA worth up to $5,000(in VITA) to the participants who do the following

  • Participants will reach out at airdrop@vitadao.com and they will receive a quiz to complete. The quiz will contain
    • Basic questions about VitaDAO and longevity.
    • They won’t be able to submit the quiz until they have a 100% score for all questions.
    • They will be provided resources to improve their answers.
  • The first 100 participants will receive $35 (50 VITA) => 35 100 = $3,500
    The rest of the participants(up to 150) will receive $30 (42 VITA) => 50
    30 = $1,500


  • Base sponsorship of $10,000(7,000 longhack.org, 3,000 prize)
  • Up to $5,000 (in VITA) airdrop to participants that successfully submit the quiz.
    • Being 150 participants
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

0 voters

  • $10,000 - $15,000
  • $15,000 - $20,000
  • $20,000 - $25,000
  • <$10,000

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From Longhack

Thanks Alex. Great stuff. Probably the main debate will be how much to spend. Is there a way to vote on the amount we’ll give?


Great idea!
Updated the post with a voting poll based on an amount range to give.


The organizers won’t receive VITA, just USDC.
VITA will be airdrop only to participants using the above mechanism.

Why 12,5k USDC to organizers?
They want a 70/30 split for a sponsorship in the range of 10k USDC.
If the sponsorship is higher, they will lower their part to 50/50!

I’ve suggested a higher budget in order to give more to the participants/winners.

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great proposal, although i’d argue focusing on such events is important, it shouldn’t become too big of a spending item, so if possible, i’d argue for a lower overall spending on such items if possible… if the benefit roughly similar if we provide in total $6-10k vs $25k then we should do so, and rather support more initiatives in a small way and negotiate vs a few in a bigger way, which could make sense if we can isolate the best initiatives


I really like the idea of the quiz with Vita rewards, especially the way you’ve laid it out where participants will basically be forced to learn a bunch about VitaDao in order to receive Vita, and thereby gain voting power.

I have 2 questions about it:

1. Why is this quiz an option only for longhack participants? I.e. Should this be moved off of the longhack proposal and into a separate proposal of its own? Given the reward is Vita, AKA voting power, I’m confused about why priority is being given to this external group over our own contributors here at Discord/Discourse.

2. Is this quiz ready to deploy — and if not, who is building it, and with what approval mechanism? It sounds like a lot of work, and I know this event is coming up quite soon. Also, meta-question: will this work itself be compensated?

Thus, I wonder if it may be a good idea to move the $5k off of this budget and onto a separate budget item for quiz development and rewards, which would then be available to the community at large.

PS: In the interests of DAOist full transparency, I’d like to confess that maybe 30% of my motivation here could be that I’m salty I still somehow have zero Vita/voting power. :wink: