VDP-114 VitaDAO's Conference Sponsorship Proposal


Project Lead: @Max_Unfried , @alexdobrin

Team: Awareness & SciCom WG contributors

Budget: 25,000 USD


Since its inception VitaDAO has gained clout in the Longevity Research Community through funding research and various other initiatives such as The Longevist, online symposia and onsite conferences. Moreover supporting conferences through sponsorship has helped to build trust, build connections for deal flow, and helped to recruit talent to the DAO.

In the previous 8 months we have sponsored Longevity Events for a total of ~20000 USD.

For the coming year we plan on ramping this up to build a larger and stronger longevity community, especially bringing in more researchers that contribute to the DAO.

Therefore, this proposal seeks to request a budget of 25,000 USD for the next ~6 month (until December 31st, 2023) to sponsor Longevity and Aging Conferences and Events and give the SciCom and Awareness WG decision power for which events to be sponsored. This way responsibility and governance for longevity conference sponsorship is clear, and people can be held accountable.

The money will be spent to sponsor 5-8 longevity events, across the globe and build a global presence. We will only sponsor conferences where VitaDAO people are present, and VitaDAO has a chance to present itself through either a poster, booth, panel, presentation, leading a session or organizing an entire event, and focus mainly on non-profit conferences.

An incomplete list of conferences to be considered sponsoring (please suggest others):


Longevity Med Summit - Lisbon

Gordon Research Conference for the Biology of Aging - Barcelona

Gordon Research Conference Systems Aging - TBD

German Society for Aging Research - Jena

ERIBA (European Research Institute of the Biology of Aging) - Groningen

ARDD (Aging Research and Drug Discovery) - Copenhagen

Longevity Summit Dublin - Dublin

Rejuvenation Startup Summit - Berlin

Health Optimization Summit - London

Biohacker Summit - Netherlands

North America:

Longevity Summit at Buck Institute - San Francisco, December

Seno Therapeutics Summit - San Francisco, November

Geroscience Los Angeles Meeting - LA, September

Biomarker Consortium

Cold Spring Harbor - NY

Keystone Symposia Conferences


Asia & Pacific:

Japan - The 9th Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology (AGen2023)

Singapore - Singapore Longevity Conference

China - TBD

Korea - TBD

Australia - TBD

New Zealand - TBD



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I might make the budget higher. 25K for six months might be a little too low. Considering the overwhelming enthusiasm for this proposal I think it would still pass.

Here’s a poll to get a pulse check on the amount:

  • $25K (as is)
  • $35K
  • $50K
  • some other amount please comment
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Thank you @alexdobrin for the proposal.

  • Is it possible to have some KPIs for this sponsorship request?
  • Can you help us understand the quantitative RoI from previous engagements/sponsorships?