Self intro and Discord problem


Happy to be here! I am the Ex Dir for the Neural Archives Foundation - an Australian Non-profit.

Generally speaking I prefer to use Discourse fora rather than Discord anyway but I should report than when I try to set up the Discord account, I get to the stage where the system is “pinging” me and then the whole thing locks up . . I haven’t had that problem with other Discord sites . .


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please ping me on discord or let me know your discord name and we can figure out what might be the matter

The pinging means a bot will private-message you. Not the most intuitive UX, so maybe this screenshot will help others who ran into this problem:

The blue marked box is a the channel where you will complete the verification process and get access to the rest of the server.

if you have more questions and still need help, send me dm on discord to help you

@alexdobrin @TheoWal would propose to just have emoji captcha’s that people need to click to make it not unnecessarily hard to join our server

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