About the General category

Anything related to the working group.

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@timrpeterson do you have thoughts about what types of content we want to have here vs Discord? It would be great to update the boilerplate in this post. I feel for deeper discussions, project reviews, process reviews etc., discourse is more appropriate as things don’t expire as quickly as in Discord.

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It’s kinda up to everyone how to use Discourse vs. Discord. Yes, a main advantage of Discourse is for posts not to get lost in the shuffle like they do on Discord.

Let me draft something, happy to see this evolve over time but it would be good to ditch the boilerplate (I can’t edit the original post)

Welcome to the Longevity category.

This category is primarily for the members of the VitaDAO Longevity working group however all are welcome to observe and participate.

The Longevity working group intends to use this category to discuss a variety of topics including those listed below:

  • Project Evaluations and evaluation procedures
  • Project deal structures and procedures
  • Project applications and interest monitoring
  • Research or IP open call announcements
  • Opportunities or gaps in the VitaDAO research portfolio

This category is primarily focused on topics surrounding research projects and science, less so about #working-groups:operations of the DAO or the #working-groups:tokenomics. This category though will likely have overlap with Legal category when it comes to engaging on projects and IP creation.

It is expected that this category will be used to plan and discuss the growing scientific portfolio of VitaDAO and will emit Proposals to be voted upon in the broader VitaDAO governance framework.

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great suggestion! i’ll help to give you the rights to update!

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