Creating a channel for the first line evaluation of the research projects

The longevity working group is consisting of researchers and we would like to populate this channel with as many researchers as possible for a strong team which will provide the DAO educational feedback and opinions. However handling the projects we receive is a more sensitive topic requiring a certain level of research experience as well as regular time spent on this task since we will have rounds of project evaluation. One important task would be summarizing an objective evaluation report to be submitted to the community/maybe the project owners. Therefore I suggest opening up a channel on Discord ? named as “the lab” where we conduct such activities. This act does not aim to separate the researchers into 2 groups rather have an easier process for the longevity wg to comment on the things.

A possible case: A member researcher wants to submit a project and they are in the longevity wg. Ethically the review should be done elsewhere.


@Alev the correct place for this discussion would be in the Longevity working group (both discord and discourse). The proposal category is for formal governance proposals and their Phase 2 (formal) discussion. Could you please remove this topic from here and consider posting in the longevity working group? @timrpeterson is the working group steward.

Thank you for your interest in helping out!