Longevity Roadmap and Tech Tree

We should explore collaborating with our friends at Foresight to advance the work they’ve done on the longevity tech tree at Longevity Tech Tree - View-only, which is intended to roadmap the field, identify bottlenecks, and inform funding.

As a DAO, we have the unique opportunity to crowdsource scientific contributions and create visualizations of the field, its sub-areas, and challenges.

While the tech tree is a great beginning, think about how platforms such as https://ldg.lateral.io/, which is fully on-chain enabled, might be used to more effectively identify bottlenecks or areas for further research or approaches like Outcomes Graph: A protocol for applied science coordination.

We could start this exploration within VitaDAO and potentially build it out together with our effort https://www.longevityprize.com/ and the Foresight, Lifespan, Methuselah team and contributors and others. Interested what others think about this idea?

Outcome could be great online resource, that helps us inform our funding focus, and helps the broader field and community understand the expanding field.

Outcome Graphs

For inspiration, really like ethereums roadmap visualization: https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1466411377107558402

and Lifespan Rejuvenation roadmap (which focuses mainly on whats currently underway)


This is an excellent, excellent idea. IMHO the roadmap should be higher level and readable/understandable for most people, including govt decision makers. The power of having a clear roadmap is enormous, including identifying neglected/underfunded areas that may be critical in the bigger picture. Btw, when we built the roadmap for tissue preservation at OPA, we got the project funded by the NSF - something to think about as well.


@vincent is there any follow up to this? Shall we reach out to Foresight?

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we are already in touch and exploring next steps… best event for this is Longevity Frontiers Workshop 2023 - Foresight Institute