Longevity-ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency)

Juan Benet has proposed the excellent idea of a crypto-powered Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). VitaDAO is well positioned to explore building a minimum viable version of this idea focused on advancing human longevity through research.

See: https://youtu.be/10SbI54vNXQ?t=1081 and other talks by him

VitaDAO is already collaborating with others in the ecosystem to approach this goal in a focused and minimum viable way by separating out the proposed steps and obtaining high level input.

Step by Step Proposal

Here is a potential step-by-step proposal for how a crypto-powered ARPA focused on solving human longevity through research could look like:

1. Establish our overarching, measurable goals and outcome we want to achieve (for example in the next 5-10 years). This could include defining the scope of the research to be funded, as well as establishing any specific milestones or targets that the DAO aims to achieve.

  • eg. Improving human health- and life span (cost-effectively, soon, and as much as possible)

2. Crowdsource roadmapping of bottlenecks to make progress on those goals/outcome, for example via crypto-powered outcome graphs, tech together with lateral built on the idea of discourse graphs, protocol labs and hypercert for retroactively rewarding the contributors, and content/community together with foresight (longevity tech tree) and longevity prize.

  • this could be divided in different specific outcomes we want to achieve:

  • from near-term drug repurposing of generic drugs, better scientific advancement of biohacking approaches (such as blueprint), to more radical translational research approaches.

3. Collectively write up a request for research projects that would work on solving those bottlenecks, and work together with researchers to devise specific research projects and study designs to work on making progress on them…

4. Collectively vote, and enable individuals to fund specific research projects

  • from VitaDAO funding it collectively via ipnfts, donations, impact certificates, to the broader community being enabled to contribute directly

5. Support and advise projects publicly, contributors get fractional ownership in ipnfts or impact certificates based on credit assignment and retroactive impact evaluator rewards from longevity prize.

6. Give retroactive prizes and recognition to all the people who made the goal and research happen

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