VitaDAO Longevity Wiki and Knowledge Tools

Vita Fellow Noah Weber wrote and shared this amazing wiki:

and there are also amazing sources like Nintil - The Longevity FAQ,,

could be cool to have a for different wikis about longevity from our community to be stored … what do others think? someone keen to help take it on?

Another thing we should do is a scientific overview page on maybe to share an overview of the field, and link to some of those articles, and in-depth reads, as well as recommended papers etc.

Personally particularly excited about bringing leading information together, and creating great overviews, starting points and meta work (such as roadmapping, tech trees etc.) that could help inform funders, get people up to speed and educated, and resolve controversies etc. (for example via longevity discourse graphs)

Martin is building this, crypto-enabled with l , and experimenting with us to explore this in the context of the Longevity biomarkers review article + bounty

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Actually, great idea. I have experience in organising a wiki for a project. Let me know what you think!

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