How you can keep track of this forum more easily

Hi all,
perhaps you’ve also been wondering how to best follow our Discourse forum here. Of course you can enable email notifications or just keep a browser tab open, but I found this to be most convenient:

On Google Chrome (and other Chromium browsers like Brave, Edge and Firefox perhaps too?), you can use this feature to effectively add our Discourse forum to your device as an app.

If you follow these instructions, our forum will appear on your task bar (Windows), menu bar (macOS) or homescreen (Android and iOS). Linux is supported, too. If you’re using Chrome on a supported device, it may even prompt you to do so.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @theobtl - we should somehow spread this post also on discord for now - since not too many people have seen it :wink:

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There’s also an iOS app called Fig, but its a little buggy


We should have this bi-monthly or monthly summary ranked by priority of everything that happened at VitaDAO, with links to relevant discourse posts, proposals etc.