General Self Introduction


I have been following VitaDAO for a while now and am very excited about its potential. I started off in BioMedical Research but then spent 35 years in IT before retiring. My projects don’t lend themselves to VitaDAO funding but I thought it would be worthwhile posting a summary of what I am doing here in case there are any like-minded people who would like to chat. I also don’t find Discord very useful except for maybe getting a quick answer about something specific occasionally - for organising and finding information, I find a Discourse forum is SO MUCH nicer and more useful!

I continue to work on Health and Longevity related projects and to consolidate them into my Life Extension Village (lev DOT com DOT au).

See the list of organisations in my sig below but my current focus for main projects is:

  • AI Avatars for myself and other people in my LE organisations.

  • Setting up a lab for doing epigenetic testing and interventions.

  • Setting up a brain-scanning facility for Hi-res imaging of neural tissue.

  • Building more residential, commercial and research premises in the LEV.

Keep up the great work VitaDAO people!


Executive Director
Neural Archives Foundation

Executive Officer
Cryonics Association of Australasia

Southern Cryonics Storage Facility - Holbrook NSW

Life Extension Villages

LifeBoat Foundation

Extinction Rebellion

philiprhoades DOT org