VitaDAO Delegate Applications - Apply now!

Application for VitaDAO Governance Delegates

As governed and announced in VDP-65 Introducing Delegated Voting, VitaDAO plans to introduce delegates and delegation as a governance functionality.

This enables you to, either:

1. Run as a Delegate: Consider becoming a delegate. Express your viewpoints and convince the community to delegate their VITA tokens to you. This increases your say in governance decisions.


2. Delegate Your Tokens: Alternatively, delegate your VITA tokens to those who can best represent your interests, authorizing them to make governance decisions for you.

What are delegates? :thinking:

Delegates are vital members of the VitaDAO community, responsible for key decisions that shape our mission to advance longevity research.

By becoming a delegate, you have a say in every governance proposal coming up, on:

  • Voting on which research to fund
  • Determining the categories and sizes of funding for specific kinds of longevity research and community engagement within longevity science.
  • Identifying critical areas of research and turning our attention to them
  • Add valuable perspectives to the current active voters

and many more.

If you have a passion for longevity research, and the challenges above intrigue you, becoming a delegate might be the right fit! Expect to commit 4-6 hours a month.

Responsibilities of delegates include:

  • Meta-Governance: Crafting VitaDAO’s organizational policies and procedures
  • Research Funding: Galvanizing support for essential scientific projects related to longevity
  • Progressive Decentralization: Refining VitaDAO’s structure to make it more accessible and effective
  • Special Projects: Exploring new avenues for innovation within longevity research

Interested in becoming a delegate?

Step 1. Introduce Yourself :wave:

To apply, please provide:

  • ETH Address (to be delegated to)
  • Discord Handle (optional)
  • Intent: Statement of Intention / Your Values & Reasons for Joining
  • Qualifications: Your Longevity and/or Crypto Qualifications / Skills / Links about your work

Step 2. Next Step

Once approved, you’ll be added to our Delegates cards, allowing others to delegate their support to you. Discover more about the onboarding process and join our Discord to begin your journey!

Step 3. Receive delegate votes, or delegate your tokens to delegates of your choice.

Delegate your voting power on Snapshot

  • Go to Snapshot

  • Enter the address you want to delegate to.

  • To limit the delegation to a specific space, tap the on toggle button and enter the space key (example: balancer.eth ) you want your delegation to take effect on. If no space is selected, the effect will take place for all spaces.

  • Click Confirm to save your delegation.


Delegates are not awarded extra tokens for being delegates as of now, which might change in the future or receive retroactive rewards for their contributions. If you feel they should be, feel free to propose a proposal on how, or discuss in this separate thread.

Important: This thread is just for applications, questions about delegation etc. should be asked in our discord or VDP-65 Introducing Delegated Voting

  • ETH Address: vincentweisser.eth

  • Discord Handle: vincentweisser

  • Intent: Why delegate to me? "Delegate your voting rights to me for active participation in governance proposals, prioritizing the mission of advancing longevity solutions. My expertise is mainly on crypto, governance, tokenomics, collaboration and strategic initiatives. I might re-delegate the tokens to people who i think deserve more votes in the governance process.

  • Qualifications: I bring extensive experience with VitaDAO, having been involved since its inception, and I’ve been fully immersed in the crypto world since 2016. Additionally, I’ve devoted considerable time to the study of longevity. For more details: +

  • ETH Address: antonkulaga.eth

  • Discord Handle: antonkulaga

I am interested in becoming a delegate. I have expertise in bioinformatics of aging (for example IJMS | Free Full-Text | Machine Learning Analysis of Longevity-Associated Gene Expression Landscapes in Mammals ) and mammalian synthetic biology, I am also active in the open-source movement and manage several open-source ageing-research projects (for example and Longevity Genie · GitHub ), before that I was active in longevity activism.

ETH Address: daostewards.eth / 0xd4879f876eE383067F80ACAdBE283B93141908e9
Discord Handle: jengajojo

DAOStewards is a metagovernance group from BanklessDAO. We received 16,046 VITA tokens in delegation from BanklessDAO via this snapshot vote. We aim to encourage good governance in the DAO space by expressing Bankless values and fostering a collaborative environment for the space to grow.


  • United we stand: We believe decentralisation is paramount in governing web3. We aim to represent everyday users of web3 and have their unheard voices heard.
  • Net positive engagement: We represent a community aiming to empower all parties involved and develop in a positive-sum manner.
  • Quality participation: We believe the quality active contributors could help a DAO evolve. We aim to deliver the best quality of work with minimum bureaucracy.
  • Bankless : We preach the idea of self-sovereignty and decentralisation


Check out our notion here

  • All our members are Level 2 (verified) contributors with experience in decentralized governance in several DAOs, check out everyone’s individual profiles here
  • We maintain over 80% voting rate and active communication whenever we vote and our proof of work can be found on our voting database here
  • Our governors who are actively interested in the longetivity space, such as @jengajojo have already been active in VITA governance since several months
  • ETH Address: 0xF670352E97C95Af4B4ef4d83b4f667daA6427b15
  • Discord Handle: .mariamarinova
  • Intent: Why delegate to me? Active participation in scientific project funding decisions, awareness and outreach, and additional initiatives (prizes, fellowships). My expertise is mostly academic, but I worked in biotech VC for a while and have been a VitaDAO member since it launched two years ago. I’ve been involved with the dealflow team to source and evaluate incoming projects, with the awareness team, writing the research newsletter and sci comm communications and currently with the builder squad as an EiR.
  • Qualifications: BSc(Hons) Molecular and cell biology, PhD in Biology of aging and reproductive medicine, Venture creation analyst at Apollo, biochemistry and pharmacodynamics tutor. &

ETH Address: KryptoShrimp.eth/0x829e98B94802Eb550d72e7c0074ea5Be0Eec2F3F

Discord Handle: KryptoShrimp#3682

Intent: Why delegate to me? Entrust me with your voting power to harness the synergy between regenerative medicine and onchain technologies. I have a strong foundation in cellular senescence coupled with an unwavering commitment to onchain advancements. As a VitaDAO delegate, I will channel this diverse expertise for the betterment of our community. Ready to dedicate 20-30 hours weekly, I will approach this role with the same dedication I give to my university board positions. I see this role as a step forward in my ongoing transition from academia to the crypto world.


  • Research Leadership: Serving as the Research Program Manager at The Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine, University of Colorado, for nearly a decade, I’ve led transformative projects in genetic correction for RDEB patients and spearheaded innovative skin organoid techniques.
  • Collaborative Impact: Played a pivotal role in cGMP process development and offered key insights in IND finalizations post-INTERACT meetings.
  • Unique Insight: At the intersection of science and crypto, I provide a fresh perspective that bridges two dynamic realms.
  • Web3/DeSci Expertise: With experience as a DAO tooling beta tester with ELI5, I’m deeply integrated into a myriad of DAO tools and communities ( This also includes beta-testing PLEX for labDAO and engaging with Molecule’s Beta IP-NFT minting process.



ETH Address:


Discord Handle:


Intent: Why delegate to me?

I am a Core Member and one of the Founding Stewards of VitaDAO. I am very much intrinsically motivated, so you can trust I’ll do what’s in the best interest of VitaDAO and the advancement of the field so we can get a grip on aging faster. You can see my previous steward election statement here: VDP-78.1 Proposal to Elect the Longevity Dealflow Working Group Steward
I’ve been one of the most active participants in governance, voting on virtually all the proposals, so you can trust I won’t waste your voting power.


I have expertise in: rationality / being less wrong / scientific thinking, investing, the longevity field, decentralization & governance, fundraising and rallying people around a shared goal with great vibes.

I’ve been pouring my life into VitaDAO for almost 2.5 years now, and I’ve helped get this community off the ground and thriving, relentlessly executing on the following:

  • the Genesis auction (raising $5.1M)
  • starting the dealflow funnel, sourcing most of the first 100-200 leads (via my extensive network in the longevity industry)
  • establishing the dealflow processes, guidelines, templates as well as incentives - making sure members are compensated
  • negotiating and closing deals
  • recruiting top working group members and external Senior Reviewers, advisors, partners
  • helping overcome bias, by mediating between experts that sometimes disagree to get closer to the truth in scientific evaluation
  • facilitated for members to contribute in a way that’s decentralized and yet still as free of red tape as possible, empowering members to work in a permissionless way, encouraging proactivity, and resourcefulness so they can shine - getting projects sourced, incubated/improved, evaluated, funded, accelerated and spun out into companies!
  • advocating for our vision in 100+ interviews, conference talks, panels, podcasts, articles
  • strategy, liaising with legal, general ops/coordination, product/website/UX, communications & awareness
  • bringing on new funding & Strategic Members (like Pfizer Ventures, Balaji Srinivasan, Shine, L1D, BeakerDAO, Joe Betts-Lacroix / Retro Biosciences, etc) -
  • coordinating the longevity & network state aspects of the world’s first pop-up mini-city experiment in Montenegro as well as negotiating with governments to establish a permanent longevity city


Linkedin: Laurence Ion
Twitter: @longevion

  • ETH Address: 0x47bac043d5dedd9c5215609f3153bbe70fdb77e1
  • Discord Handle: skamy#5366
  • Intent: My mission is to improve health through the means of technology.
  • Qualifications: Medical doctor specialized in health informatics, involved in crypto space since 2017, I’ve transition two years ago into full stack Ethereum Engineering. Been involved in Physiology and Biochemistry as a professor assistance, done basic and pedagogic research. I have good understanding of two complex fields, biomedical science and software engineering, so I can provide an unique view to the voting process.

  • ETH Address: 0x2210dc066aacB03C9676C4F1b36084Af14cCd02E
  • Discord Handle: bryancolligan
  • Intent: DeSci and longevity are the most important initiatives for the crypto industry. By delegating to me I will research the topics in detail not only on the initial merit but also analyze and give feedback on future funding potential from investors and other grants program. My expertise is understanding what other ecosystem will deploy grants too.
  • Qualifications: Founder of AlphaGrowth last year I help deploy more than $7Million in grants across 170 dApps from ecosystems. I have analyzed over 1900 deals and potential grantees. I will also use my company to help source the best DeSci and longevity projects and work with VitaDAO to help make the entire experience seamless with tooling.
  • ETH Address: swiftevo.eth
  • Discord Handle: shift_the_space_web3museum
  • Intent: Why delegate to me?

:one:. To support VitaDAO delegation system

I believe in DAO management. As I am no-body and don’t have time & qualification to read through all the information in VitaDAO, I can only participate VitaDAO after work / before sleep / wake-up earlier. Delegation is a very good system for VitaDAO development.

I would ilke to show my support for this system and VitaDAO through delegate application.

首先,我很認同DAO的管理精神. 像我一個無名之輩,亦沒有充足的時間及學識去了解全部VitaDAO的資訊。只有在工作之後、休息之前又或者早起的時間去爭取投入VitaDAO的活動之中。Delegate 是一個很好的主意,可以讓VitaDAO得到更好的發展。

我希望能透過申請Delegate,作為我對VitaDAO 及 Delegate方法的支持。

:two:. The beauty of diversity in VitaDAO

According to Gitcoin Grant beta round analysis, there are over 80% resource and funding to US/Euro DeSci project. There are less than 10% in Asia. Sure it is because of the development of Web3 and the solid ground of scientific culture and core value buiding for years behind.

As an Asian in VitaDAO, I would like to participate this application to show the beauty of diversity in DAO management. It is my honor to submit the applicaion and connect Asia DeSci friends.

If I have the honor to be delegate, I will try my best to initiate the proposal discussion in Tranditional Chinese and support the development of other Asian languages discussion in VitaDAO in the future.

其次,在Gitcoin Grant bera round 的分析中,超過80%的資源主要集中在歐美地區而亞洲區的資源不到10%。當然,這主要來自於Web3的目前發展,以及多年以來全球在科研方面的建設及文化培育。

作為一個在VitaDAO中的亞洲人,我希望能透過參與這次 Delegate的申請展現VitaDAO 多元化的一面;亦很榮幸能與亞洲區的DeSci朋友介紹我自己。


Ref: DeSci Landscape Analysis: Exploring Crowdfunding Effects On Proj… — erinmagennis.eth

:three:. Contribute my little help to VitaDAO

As working in international pharmaceutical company for years in Asia and sometime in other DAO management, I would like to contribute my little time and experience to support the development of VitaDAO.

As working between pharma company, doctors and layman, I have to communicate, deliver and educate clinical message between professional and someone outside the circle. If I have the honor to be the delegate, I would like to contribute my work to make the proposal easier to understand.



  • Qualifications: Your Longevity and/or Crypto Qualifications / Skills / Links about your work

DeSci Asia co-founder
We would like to connect, educate and develop DeSci in Asia. Friends from Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, India and Thailand are inside.

We participate the Gitcoin Grant 18 Global Chinese Community feature round.

one of Molecule community contributor
IP-NFT article Tranditional Chinese translation:

FAB DAO (a formal DAO based in Taiwan focusing on public good) hypercert working group core member
超證應用 (

Web3Matters, one of reporters (A Web3 newsletters)
Gitcoin Grant beta DeSci project introduction

Gitcoin Grant 18 DeSci project introduction

W3projectHub reporter focusing on public goods

SpaceDAO (a formal DAO with Taiwan and Hong Kong friends supporting miority and diversity) core team & one of multisign holders