Offer Aubrey de Grey an active role in the Dao

Offer Aubrey de Grey an active role in the Dao.

Maybe some people will roll their eyes to see me post again (it’s not like there are tons of posters here anyway). I might not be consensual and might be annoying, I’m not a scientist Phd but I like to propose new things and have things moving. My ideas are not necessarily good or clever.

So, Aubrey de Grey just lost is position (again?) at the Sense foundation that he created over the non respect of an agreement he signed with the board. Long story short, he is accused of non respecting a fitness for Duty agreement over a drinking habit. As someone commented on Reddit: “Maybe I’m missing something here, but unless someone’s drinking habit is interfering with their work performance, I don’t understand why it’s their employers’ business?” I also agree with that.

Anyway, Mr Aubrey dispute the whole story, mentioning the board wanting “to get rid of” him (again):

Mr Aubrey had, as some might know, past accusations of sexual harassment. Of course, this is a serious matter, but these accusations did not lead to anything concrete, even the announcement from Sense emphasise on the subject.


  • He has a lot of followers.

  • He is a leader.

  • He has a worldwide aura.

  • He is a figure, a recognisable face for a project.

  • Lot of knowledge on the subject.

  • Good advices, to guide the future of the project.

  • Press relation, interviews and general recognition.


  • Past accusations that could tarnish one’s reputation.

  • His image could be unwelcoming for female researchers, or other investors.

  • Drinking habit incompatible with longevity goals.

  • Stability in a project relative to the dispute with the board of his own created foundation.

Offering him an active role now would be seen as an open gesture. He might join back the Sense Foundation or he might join new endeavours in the future.

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  • Disagree

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Think its an reasonable proposal, but from knowing more of the background and the accusations, I’d be hesitant to offer him a position, given the SENS board has conducted their research and decided against an active role!

Have immense respect for his contributions to the field, but he wasnt also actively advising or supporting beyond the interview and one brief call, so I’m not if his advice would add much research projects. In fact, we have some SENS project in our pipeline for a proposal, like VDP-38: ApoptoSENS - Senolytic CAR-NK cells


Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciated!

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Thanks @keepx for proposing the topic for open discussion!

I basically agree with @vincentweisser above. Aubrey de Grey has made valuable historical contributions to the field but in my opinion the risks/disadvantages of offering him an active role outweight the potential benefits for the DAO.

Even setting aside the controversies, I would be hesitant about offering an active role to such a recognizable figure, precisely because it could easily turn into the only face of the project. I think that a focus on emergent people on the field and a fluid group of “public representatives” is much more fitting for the ethos of the DAO.


beautifully phrased… if we got majority approval of this with at least 10 votes it could go for onchain vote


Well, would have hoped my proposal would spark some interest from the community, some heated debate. But I suppose most people follow VitaCore and regular members and are just passive coins hodlers. Anyway, I think it is still interesting. I will close the poll in a few days I guess :slight_smile:

I have no particular opinion about this btw, this is just a democracy experiment, If you read this and you are not a member yet, anyone can give his opinion :slight_smile:


Hello, fellow vitalians! This is an important proposal on a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot. I firmly believe that past or present allegations should not be viewed as a call to action unless proven true. The social justice narrative is only relevant in some parts of the world, and VitaDAO, being a decentralized entity with members from around the globe should not, in my opinion, impose ideological fads of one small group of countries on the rest of the community. The DAO has proclaimed its goal, and it should stick to it and take into account only those qualities that are in alignment with the organization’s mission, i.e. De Grey’s reputation as a longevity and aging expert. In this regard, he would be a valuable addition to the body of advisors. Personally, I don’t see any problem with him “outcoring” the VitaCore too since final decisions are up to the token holders. At the end of the day, the goal is to propel the field and the community forward. We, as a group, need to try out different models, become antifragile. Who knows, perhaps with De Grey we’ll achieve more.


I would not “set aside the controversies.”

I will leave this report here for anyone who has not read it:


I believe these women, but at the same time, whatever you could reply, it’s over for you anyway. You’re an outcast, go back home and have no further life, every dollars that touch you are toxic (probably why he wouldn’t be a good choice btw). I can understand that if he’s really toxic then his involvement in the field is toxic. But in the meantime, how are you supposed to defend yourself when no court condemned you either.

I think this topic was a nice experiment, maybe the topic should be locked (I’m saying this as the author) after a while so it doesn’t drag forever, because that was not my point. And please tell me when to close the poll, maybe on Sunday evening for instance? Everyone should have had time to participate by then.

Hi! I suppose you can close the poll when either of the options has at least 10 votes.

Ok, I see there are already 10 for no now. So, I’m closing the poll today at 00:00 CET, vote if you haven’t already by then and thanks everyone for participating. I’ll leave the decision to Moderation to lock this topic or not after the poll is closed.

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Before this poll is closed (that could be reopened by anyone in the future I suppose). Just wanted to add there seems to be some major shift around Sens board.

Aubrey stated on Facebook: “I can’t say anything more quite yet, but please know that everything is indeed moving in the right direction (and rather fast) now.”

So I believe, there are some political games going on.

I hope we as a DAO (and I’m saying this as a simple token holder) can set difference apart and work with everybody in the field to advance longevity.

Btw, Mr Aubrey might not have been (now or in the future) be interested by what I proposed in the first place.

EDIT: Poll is now closed, thank you for your participation.
The poll being closed, feel free to close the topic.

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