Newbie Perspective

I know close to nothing about DAO and because I’m a total newbie maybe it makes my comment relevant. My comment is not about the organisation itself (even if internal decision making process looks over complicated sometimes [not saying it should be made more accessible: it must go to the root of the problem]) but maybe you should simplify things for yourselves.

Anyway, my point is about communication. I’ve mentioned this before on Discord, but if you’re not deep down on what is doing Vitadao day to day like myself, the impression sometimes is a lack of progress (while I’m sure this isn’t true). I mean, if you don’t read Discord often or even Twitter with new posts added, you lack the highlights.

For instance the recent news about the partnership with PrimeDAO: Shouldn’t this have his own dedicated article on the website? I mean it’s just an another tweet among a lot of tweets. And then you can post the article link on the website front page news, Reddit, Twitter, Discord and for others to share. Btw, about that, I’m a bit lost with all the dao (even the one created under vitadao umbrella).

The website already has a news section on the frontpage, but it’s not very visible nor updated.

Maybe a subsection for articles written by VitaDao and guests should be created. And maybe a subsection about “they talk about us” or other articles (not sure about that).

The website should be easy to publish on, to add important news, like a Wordpress, without fiddling with the code.

Projects being worked on should be visible , maybe also a more direct preview of hot topics discussed on discourse and proposals.

I can understand you have tons to do, it’s not something I ask to do right now, it’s how I feel about it :slight_smile:


Just when I post this, I see a website update! I really like it, looks really pro.

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Great points, thanks for taking the time to post!

We want to add much more dynamic and regularly updated sections to the website, and just added most recent projects and initiatives, will add a blog soon and link our monthly updates, which I think are great summaries:


Yea and I don’t mean more work per se. Because I see you guys working hard and creating a lot of good content, but it kindas goes unnoticed, for instance you create amazing content on medium:

A simple copy paste version of that content on the website (that’s why I think easy editing is important) (could be a link to medium too but I like self hosted content) and visible from website’s front page.

Anyway, you have all my admiration for the work you do and I know you’re working on things that I mentionned before .


ok I’m posting this and I’ll go to sleep for a while :wink: Again, I’m not pretending I know anything or that my ideas are good but I like this project and I can be restless.

Here is what I would like personally:

  • A news section feed on the website main page (mainly important news: announcements, fresh articles, quadratic funding, live reminder, new Youtube videos). Doesn’t have to take a lot of pixels just a headline with link, date, in chronological order. I guess a dedicated page could also do the job, but would be less visible. The newsfeed on the main page could also link to detailed news articles.

  • A subsection of the website with articles (articles & announcements: could also be separated) cross-posted from Medium on the website. Announcements are an important milestone and a sign of progress that should be emphasized.

PrimeDao made their own announcement:

Apollo partnership had some nice coverage:

Are we ashamed not to put a single word of it on the website? :stuck_out_tongue:

Concerning Dao, like I said I’m a bit lost with the status of Vitadao with other DAO, some partners, some seem created by Vitadao team? Anyway, not a big deal I suppose but confusing to me.

  • Don’t waste good material, those slides are amazing, are they going to be used somewhere else:

  • Re-post on the website past live (like twitter spaces or other material) that you liked and you want to keep. Doesn’t have to be systematic, but otherwise lost on twitter feed.

  • Some other material could find their place on the website like the recent “Vitadao community and treasury report” but I’m sure it is planned at some point.

  • Facebook page could receive an update once in a while for big events even if it’s not the main channel of communication.

  • Maybe you’re looking for specific positions to help (ie: communication) but I can’t really find on the website where to look for if I wanted to postulate (which I don’t btw with my poor skills) maybe directly to working group? I’m not sure.


I think that the blog should be structured by categories / branches of work. In this way assign a journalist to research and transmit the information separated by topics or branches of work, so youtubers, influencer, nft and meme creators, can take this information to create their content.

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