DAO governance exploration and brainstorm thread

Regarding the best ways to approach delegation, @alexdobrin shared the great thread below, worth exploring how we can approach governance, delegatation in the smartest way… Curious to hear everyones thoughts on some of these ideas and resources

would be especially curious from the community, active dao voters/members, and scientists how they would try to make our delegation as great as possible

On Delegation

great related reads


General ideas on voting mechanism, including coin voting and alternatives



Also really liked the Gnosis Zodiac DAO patterns


from interface and user experience perspective really liked: https://houseofnouns.xyz/

@Taliskermalt @alexdobrin @consigli3re we could similarly add active proposals at the top here: https://gov.gitcoin.co/

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These resources are great and bring many valid points to consider when designing v1 of the governance framework. Thank you @vincent

Governance is an evolving process and an epoch based approach has proven to be a good way to iteratively improve on the DAO governance practices. I suggest that we should not fuss too much on how to get governance right from the get go, but
a. what is the minimum viable governance framework that can work
b. how can we iteratively improve it

Some observations I have about delegation models based on experience with

  • there needs to be a delegates dashboard which can show the delegate activity stats such as voting %, %forum posts commented on, number of proposal initiated etc to keep delegates accountable
  • purely token based voting leads to plutocracy, but not involving token holders defeats the purpose of governance tokens. Some solutions for us to consider:
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