New Page "Join" for General Onboarding

@Beata and me would like to propose changing the website as follows to 1) simplify onboarding and 2) de-clutter the current design a bit.

The overall intention is to create a new sub-page “Join”, linked in the top menu, where we gather all possible ways to get involved on a high level only. My impression is that we currently address specific target groups (a tab for working groups, a button for researchers), but leave out some other important target groups (what if I’m busy and just want quarterly updates?) and do not have a unified place where we list all the options.

Specifically, we suggest to change the following

  • create a “Join” page with several boxes for each target group, including but not limited to: “Follower”, “Researcher”, “Institution/Lab”, “Contributor to Working Groups” or similar
  • → the “Follower” box could link Twitter, the newsletter and our forum
  • → the “Researcher” box could link the Researcher signup form
  • → the “Institution/Lab” box could provide more information on how VitaDAO funds projects and link the project submittion form
  • → the “Contributor to Working Groups” box could link to the current “Working Groups” page

Some more details:

  • on the “Join” page, make all links target=”_blank”
  • on the front page, remove the three buttons “Discord”, “Discourse” and “Researcher Signup”
  • keep the “Apply for Funding” button separate from the “Join” page (front page, or partner’s page) as research institutions and research projects should be approached differently than contributors to working groups like researchers
  • on the front page, move all social media links from “Participate and join the VitaDAO Community” to the “Join” page
  • create a footer with some of our social media links at “Participate and join the VitaDAO Community”, most importantly Discord, the forum and Twitter
  • on the media page, prominently present relevant social media links (Medium and YouTube?)

It doesn’t seem trivial how the DAO can address the entire spectrum of visitors to our website while also providing specific enough instructions and links how to proceed for each target group, all without cluttering the website.

Keen to hear everyone’s thoughts!


Addition: it might also be a good idea to put in some more effort to define the target groups (or personas, in user research-speak) which we want to display on such a high-level Join page.


Great idea! Think this flow makes more sense!

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Great proposal, and the workflow makes sense!

I think it would also be valuable to give an indication of the next steps after the form is submitted, even from a non-detailed/high-level perspective, i.e. if someone applies to join a WG, they get a follow up saying “Someone will review your information and respond to you shortly.” I imagine there will be different procedures based on the specific application type …