Biweekly Update

This thread will be updated biweekly using version history

Ever since the retro & the progress we’ve made so far, here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Met with Little Atlas to discuss compensating ambassadors/KPIs/reimbursement integrations
  • Scheduled KPIs meeting with @Alex to plan for the success of the program
  • Waiting for Fellowship vote to pass to discuss collaboration and how fellows can also fly our flag as ambassadors for their local communities
  • Planning training material for a cohort of ambassadors that we’d select from live applications
  • Shortlisted applicants and reaching out for interviews according to diversity and strategic placement (countries of origin/residence) according to our research on biotech hubs worldwide
  • Compiled academic material on the Longevist and TLDR for university situated ambassadors (like Maria’s Oxford/Cambridge connections)
  • Scheduled an upcoming London event after the first successful biotech investor meetup
  • Reached out to Nucleate for potential collaborations
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