[Awareness] 2021 KPIs V1

Ideas for next steps (updated daily until July 1st)

  • @Ben mentioned that we could incorporate some metrics regarding community-focused goal conversions. See comments beneath


  • Measure, track, and optimize VitaDAO’s engagement across all relevant and important social media channels to engage stakeholders in the longevity, biotech, and distributed ledger and crypto spaces.

  • Data will eventually be fed into a dashboard for simple cross-WG tracking.

  • Please comment with thoughts and suggestions below.

Content Push

  • Number of (Medium) articles per week / month / quarter based on the Content Calendar in AirTable
  • E.g., 1x Longevity / month, 1x DAO article, etc.
  • Number of thumbs ups on Medium
  • Engagement across social media platforms, including shares, likes, comments, etc. across LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Social Media


  • Number of subs, videos / month


  • Number followers, posts / day, shares by KOLs/Influencers


  • Number followers, posts / day, shares by KOLs/Influencers


  • Number followers, posts / day, shares by KOLs/Influencers


  • Number followers, posts / day, what else should be important here?


  • what’s measured here? / is it important to track what’s happening here? need input.

Other channels?

  • Please comment below

Other measurements?

  • Please comment below

Keep in mind we only care about the most relevant performance numbers that correlate to building awareness, engagement across the life sciences, crypto, and longevity space.

Please comment with thoughts, suggestions, and ways to improve.


It would be great to track these metrics, of course we would probably want to build a narrative of how these metrics actually impact real outcomes such as number of token holders, governance vote engagement, number of projects being submitted for review. I understand that the metrics you shared are focussed on awareness, I think its important to understand attribution of awareness activities to the downstream metrics of community action.


Absolutely, Ben. Indeed my metrics are focused on awareness.

One idea for tracking narratives and conversions down the funnel towards community action:

  • We could build goals in Google Analytics tied to certain website outcomes,
    e.g., signing up to become a Working Group Member, or clicking on specific links tied to our community goals.

  • Those goals can be tracked and measured via UTM/tracking links which feed into Google Analytics. We use those links when sharing content across our digital channels (social media, website, etc.)

  • Most important goals are then illustrated in the dashboard

Feel free to share some of your ideas!


It will be definitely great to track this. Some comments/questions:

  • Shouldn’t the part of Discord open to the community be considered too? Seems important in terms of engagement with the community. I personally have no idea about how easy is to track anything on Discord (reactions, links accessed, etc…) but maybe some rough metrics on the activity of the different rooms could be interesting.

  • Regarding the Telegram channel, I guess the priority would be the announcement one. Times seen, number of followers, etc. could be interesting metrics. I’m not so sure about how worthy tracking the Community Telegram Channel is, it’s mainly used to answer questions from the community (primarily related to the token). Besides the basics (numbers of messages, nee members, etc) I guess number of questions answered could be tracked, but not very interesting in my opinion.


Though Facebook and Instagram are arguably the largest channels, are they really worth our time to focus on? Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Telegram seem more promising and will allow us to focus a little more.

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@timrpeterson I think we need presence on them at the least, with some crossposting. I see no issue in having a part time social media person handling those efficiently.

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I would also suggest tracking Linkedin for the purpose of researchers.

Maybe also track somehow with google news in case we’re getting mentioned by major news outlets?

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