Ambassador Program Retro

6th July 2023




  • Combing through what improvements should be made and what went well
  • Actionable macro level steps to ensure the longevity of the program
  • Consensus on the overarching goal and benefit to stakeholders including the VitaDAO community

Minutes & Action Items

  • Engagement post events to increase retention
  • Cementing the role of an Ambassador as VitaDAO’s touchpoint in their local communities outside of organising events
  • Strategy to with @m_marinova to engage the next cohort of VitaDAO fellows to target our academic profile of Ambassadors
  • New comp structures favourable to Ambassadors for their time spent according to the successful achievement of set and relevant metrics
  • Engage conversations of new strategies and ops additions with our Little Atlas trial.
  • Strategies for transparent quantifiable metrics in the form of KPIs relevant to each Ambassador profile or the UVP of the city/local community we’re targeting. For example, targeting the top biotech universities worldwide to engage academic VitaDAO ambassadors