Website technical improvement

Old .io website with ssl just doesn’t redirect:

Example where it is used:

Old .io website without ssl and and with a subpage doesn’t redirect correctly:

Example where it is used:

New website but old pages version, accessible for instance if you search “vitadao how it works” on google, is messed up and redirect to old home:

(maybe others pages I haven’t really checked).

Sorry if I don’t post this in the correct place, feel free to move/delete.


Thank you @keepx for finding these - @audieleon will be for sure in touch with you asap!

Just reposting this issue from discord so it doesn’t get lost, clearly not a big problem, but I think only an admin can modify it:

On the bottom of the About - VitaDAO page is a link to the old .io vitadao domain. Can someone fix that?