VDP-71 Proposal to Ratify Additional Expenses - Disbursement of IP-NFT transfer fee for VDP-5


VDP-3 / VDP-3.1 reserved 1% of the Max Token Supply for the initial IP NFT transfer and acquisition of the Copenhagen research project (VDP-5)

This proposal is to record and ratify the distribution of the 1% between Molecule AG (0.6%) and the University of Copenhagen (0.4%)


In the negotiations leading up to the VDP-5 contract - the first IP-NFT being purchased by VitaDAO- it was anticipated in VDP-3/VDP-3.1 that 1% of the Max Token Supply (642,988 VITA) would be proportioned out between Molecule GmbH and the University of Copenhagen in recognition of the efforts made to achieve this project which was over a year in the making.

This 1% was subsequently agreed between the parties to be split with 0.6% for Molecule, and 0.4% for Copenhagen subject to fulfilling the terms of the agreement.

The University of Copenhagen has received distributions according to the above terms.


This proposal is to record and ratify the granting of governance tokens to Molecule GmbH in the amount of 385,793.44 VITA for fulfilment of their obligations under VDP-5.


Upon successful passing of this proposal, VitaDAO will disburse the above noted tokens to Molecule.


  • 385,793.44 VITA disbursement to Molecule GmbH.
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