VDP-68 Proposal to Ratify Additional Expenses - Licensing Fee VDP-18


VitaDAO has obtained a exclusive licensing option with the University of Washington in relation to VDP-18

This proposal is to record and ratify the additional reimbursement of $30,000 USD to Molecule, GmbH who pre-emptively paid for the exclusive licence option.


In the negotiation of the VDP-18 contract around the IP-NFT, the University of Washington offered an exclusive licensing option for an additional fee of $30,000 USD.

As this was a late edition in the negotiation, it was not included in the original VDP-18 proposal budget of $250,000 - $300,000.

As exclusive licensing is a preferred route for IP-NFTs, this option was reserved by Molecule GmbH with the payment of $30,000 USD on VitaDAO’s behalf pending ratification governance.


This proposal is to ratify the acceptance of the exclusive licence option and to authorise the reimbursement of Molecule GmbH for the fees associated with the option.


Upon successful passing of this proposal, VitaDAO will reimburse Molecule the costs of the option.

Success metrics

  • Exclusive licence to IP from the VDP-18 project.


$30,000 USD for execution of this proposal.

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Phase 2 Governance Passed. Thanks everyone.