VDP-51 Stewardship election [counter proposal]


The role of a working group steward is crucial to the success of a working group and VitaDAO as a whole.

To introduce more transparency and accountability, I am proposing a process for onboarding and offboarding stewards.

A new steward should be nominated by VitaCORE members, token holders (with min 10,000 $VITA), or contributors(paid contributors) and voted in by VitaCORE.

Token holders can vote to offboard an existing steward.


Why should stewards be voted by VitaCORE and not by working group members?

We need our strategy and stewards set by experience, experts and those with actual skin in the game.

We have tons of amazing working group members, but overall, as a group, they seem to be the least involved, equipped, and incentivized to choose the right stewards across working groups.

Many of them are students/fresh out of uni or people who have just recently entered the Web3/DAO space.

And the ones who are here with tons of experience and a go-getter attitude, we should then invite into Vita-Core. Which is exactly what we did with @schmackofant @catthu and @Max_Unfried - and that has worked out great

Working group members do not have much stake in the DAO yet, earn governance tokens by completing bounties or receiving regular allocations based on working group participation

Many working group members are only aware of the details within their own working group

Many only spend a few hours at VitaDAO

Heavy knowledge skewing

Most working group members are clustered around longevity / scientific research - which is great and the most important part of VitaDAO.

However, this leaves a lot fewer working group members who understand tokenomics, fundraising strategy, web3 strategy, treasury management, etc.

This would force people to judge stewarding ability of core members

○ Whose expertise they are not familiar with

○ Whose activities/decisions they might barely know

Keeping the working group access open

If we need to apply the same scrutiny in terms of mission alignment to the WG members as we do with Vita Core, then we’d slow down new entrants and essentially limit access

It would also require making them accountable to the token holders, which again, would put them under a lot more scrutiny


I propose the following processes.

Onboarding as a new Steward

A new steward is onboarded through the following process:

  1. Any VitaCORE member, token holder (with min 10,000 $VITA) or contributor can nominate anyone as a new steward.
  2. Once a new steward is nominated, any Vitacore member can challenge the nomination within a week.
  3. If a majority of votes is in agreement, the nominated steward is offered the position unless a VitaCORE member vetos the nomination.
  4. If a nominated steward is vetoed, there will be a public vote on Snapshot. If a majority of votes is in agreement on Snapshot, the nominated steward is offered the position .
  5. If the nominated steward accepts, they are officially onboarded as a steward.

Offboarding as an existing Steward

An existing steward is offboarded through one of the following processes:

Option A - regular re-confirmation vote

  1. In a vote necessarily recurring every six months, members of VitaCORE vote on whether the steward should remain in place.
  2. If a majority of members do not confirm the steward, the steward is offboarded.

Option B - action vote

In a vote which can optionally be initiated at any time, VitaCORE can vote on whether the steward should remain in place.

  1. A VitaCORE member nominates the steward for offboarding.
  2. If a majority of VitaCORE members do not confirm the steward, the steward is offboarded.

Option C - token holder vote

  1. VITA token holders vote to offboard a steward in a phase 3 vote (Discourse + Snapshot).
  2. If the Snapshot vote passes, the steward is offboarded.

Option D - WG members “vote of no confidence”

  1. Working- group members can call a “vote of no confidence” for their own steward(s) and initiate a vote to offboard the steward in a phase 3 vote (Discourse + Snapshot).

Notes and soft requirements

  • A prospective steward should be mission aligned, have proven their domain expertise in the corresponding working group and bring leadership qualities.
    • Understand business execution logic (for their part of the DAO) aka “how to get things done”
    • Understand group dynamics
    • “Be an adult” during disagreements and conflicts
  • A prospective steward should have the support from their working group as well as a good working relationship with the other stewards.
  • A new steward should see the first three months as a trial period.
  • A steward is accountable to the VitaDAO community and should act accordingly.
  • A steward must adhere to the code of conduct.
  • A steward must not be absent for a longer period of time without giving a reasonable explanation (presence during appropriate meetings, replying to DMs).
  • An offboarded steward should remain available as a point of contact for at least two months, except if personal circumstances do not permit this.
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