VDP-128 [Governance] The Network Steward role


Proposing Laurence Ion for a Network Steward role


Zuzalu.city was a huge success. Laurence Ion was one of the Core Organizers, along with Vitalik Buterin.

He also initiated Vitalia.city, a network society designed for the VitaDAO community to coordinate in physical locations as well, with the ability to govern its laws and regulations and run decentralized clinical trials in a better regulatory framework.

He transitioned out of the Dealflow Steward role, as he was mostly needed for strategic activities, like fundraising, recruiting, building relationships, advocacy (speeches, interviews, etc), community building & in-person gatherings.


The responsibilities will include:

  1. Maintain engagement with new and current strategic members and contributors
  2. Advocate for our mission at events, conferences and in interviews
  3. Grow VitaDAO’s in-person presence & coordination
  4. Negotiate with governments for progressive and permissive jurisdictions to create longevity cities / zones and inspire existing states to become the “Silicon Valley” of Longevity
  5. General business development
  6. Strategic support
  7. Representing token holders as a delegate


Upon passing of this proposal, Laurence Ion will have the Network Steward role. We are drafting further proposals to complete the picture, including an assessment of Vitalia.city.

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Laurence is the man for the role! Here’s his pitch for Vitalia at the Network State Conference recently hosted by Balaji. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU-6URq8IOo


Thanks @alexdobrin I support the suggestion, although I wonder if there are any costs associated with this role?

no extra budget requested here