Longevity Network State x Praxis, Prospera et al

Some of the promising network state initiatives have engaged with the broader VitaDAO in the past, and it seems highly impactful and exciting to form a small initiative exploring how VitaDAO as a community could engage on coming up with a cohesive plan for how a better city or state would approach health with a focus on longevity.

Just wanted to start the conversation here, and we could explore a very concrete squad working on a first exploration and proposal, as well as engaging with different proposed network states, charter cities etc, such as https://www.praxissociety.com/ or https://prospera.hn/

What would be the characteristics that could be worth exploring in more depth and would someone be interested to start this?

From Praxis Society’s Masterplan:
" We will find purpose in a quest to build a new culture founded on an old insight: that in the final analysis, all moral systems, social systems, and political systems are judged by the vitality they produce in a people. John Locke quotes Cicero: salus populi suprema lex. The health of the people is the supreme law. We aspire to live vital lives. As individuals, through beauty, strength, and virtue. As a society, by expanding the horizons of art, commerce, and technology."

They also recently made a call for collaborations: Introducing Praxis Projects


Sebastian Brunemeier and I explored the nexus between crypto, longevity and network states / charter cities on my podcast (Stranded Technologies Podcast Ep. 15)

My take: charter cities or special jurisdictions are better positioned to be a nexus to the longevity community than network states.

The key difference between charter cities and network states is that charter cities start with diplomatic recognition, network states end with it.

The key missing link for longevity is physical space to conduct experiments or sell products to willing customers.

Charter cities or special jurisdictions already have that.

Special jurisdictions that are interesting are e.g. Puerto Rico (for R&D tax credits), Sebastian Brunemeier is bullish on that, or any other jurisdiction that allows experiments or use (e.g. Costa Rica).

In the charter cities space, Prospera is already hosting a longevity company called Minicircle.

Advantage: like 99.9% cheaper clinical trials (while FDA compliant), medical tourism usage

The great thing is: there is already a pathway in Prospera, it’s not the in the distant future.

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Yes absolutely agree, lets start an essay together where we can go into more depth, and also host another conversation highlighting different futures and explaining those differences between charter cities, network states etc., and how the VitaDAO and broader longevity community could engage and participate

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Starting informally at various longevity conferences, along with @adamgries @realNathanCheng, etc (too many to tag) we’ve been seeding a community to do just this.

Excited to explore how to use the $VITA token to align it directionally, and to collab more with the other efforts, along with Prospera & Praxis. There are many free/private/charter cities, seasteading, micronations, “free state” projects, etc.

It will be quite unique, diverging from “the plan” most likely, carving whichever path makes most sense.

Started already online-first, but also, soon, with some physical distributed locations, aaand, at least medium term, I think will have aspects of a charter city / state geographically centralized.

I think then other non-contiguous parts can also adhere to the state and be recognized.

Or all of the above, in whichever order it ends up happening.

Apply here: Apply to join the Longevity Network State


Wanna help revive this conversation. I’d like to be part of the squad working on this!


Awesome! Some of the infos are still confidential on the details of the concrete first one we are partnering with, would you be open to support with biohacking and food planning based on longevity principles?

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Yea, sounds good! Let’s dm

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Has anyone figured out the physical space of “network states” yet, and/or how they differ from secret societies like the Masons?

You mean how to find specific land or locations to settle or live in? https://prospera.hn/ seems the most advanced with that

So what is going to be present at the Montenegro site? Am debating over whether to come (it is a journey that would take a lot out of me after all)


Check out the website here! https://zuzalu.eth.limo/

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Doesn’t say anything about what unique is in these longevity events that I can’t find anywhere else.

Has anybody seen such states, jurisdictions, etc. with men (and women) of culture in the driving seat?

First one will be a weekend similar to LessDeath camp / https://www.longbiofellowship.org/, and the second one for research/industry workshops, presentations etc.