VDP 107 [Governance] - Dealflow Steward Restructuring & Network Steward Preparation


VitaDAOs involvement with the Zuzalu pop-up mini-city experiment has opened up an opportunity to further develop our network of supporters and contributors, and upon evaluating the success of Zuzalu, we propose that a dedicated effort be undertaken.

Moreover, to further empower and organize its dedicated community of contributors, the Longevity Dealflow Working Group is welcoming new structured efforts that will build upon the existing foundation and bring fresh perspectives.

This proposal seeks to adjust the current Steward structure to permit for a dedicated resource to further these opportunities.

It is proposed that:

  1. VitaDAO creates a new Steward position focused on evaluating the development of longevity jurisdictions, fundraising and strategic contributor relations (“Network Steward”).
  2. Laurence Ion is stepping down as Dealflow Steward upon passing of this proposal. As a member of VitaCore, Laurence Ion will propose the scope and function of the new Network Steward role in a separate VDP(later).
  3. Eleanor Davies assumes the role of Interim Dealflow Steward until regularly scheduled elections pursuant to VDP-19 Onboarding Option A.
  4. Tyler Golato, as a Founding Longevity & Dealflow Steward, will be joining the Steward weekly calls to share his insights and provide guidance to the Interim Dealflow Steward, enhancing the team’s collaborative efforts until the next scheduled election.

This proposal amends VDP-69,


@alexdobrin, @longevion, @PaulHaas, @Taliskermalt, @tylergolato


  1. The success of Zuzalu in elevating VitaDAO’s visibility has shown the importance of in-person gatherings, network building, participation in the development of longevity jurisdictions, Strategic Member relations, and business development.

  2. This type of endeavor requires a committed contributor who has established themselves in the longevity community and who has the personal flexibility to execute in this new and challenging role.

  3. In recognition of his personal interests, and based on Laurence’s successful efforts at Zuzalu, it is proposed that Laurence Ion assumes this new role and continues what has already become an integral part of his contribution to VitaDAO.

  4. At the same time, the Longevity Dealflow group has matured with the addition of new company building and commercialization talent and now has a nexus of talent which requires less promotion and more operational execution.


The role of the Interim Steward is defined below. The role of the Network Steward is outlined additionally, and will require a separate proposal and refinement.

The Interim Dealflow Steward

Dealflow is a highly operational process, requiring someone increasingly process driven and with biotech VC experience. Eleanor Davies’ background at OnDeck, LabDAO, and now VitaDAO over the past several months gives her the background needed to execute in this role

Responsibilities include:

  1. Outbound Deal Sourcing Strategy and Execution

The Interim Dealflow Steward develops and executes a targeted deal sourcing strategy. The objective is to source 50-100 new outbound deals per month that align with the company’s VD funding mandate. This individual focuses on identifying high-quality researchers and projects, leveraging their profound understanding of DeSci, funding mechanisms, and the broader ecosystem.

  1. Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

The steward also actively communicates the company’s DeSci value proposition to potential portfolio companies, universities, industry experts, and ecosystem stakeholders. They are tasked with fostering relationships that can lead to fruitful partnerships and collaborations.

  1. Deal Screening and Contributor Motivation

The steward designs initial screening metrics for high-quality deals and motivates contributors to source deals that meet these criteria. This process ensures a constant influx of quality leads into the company’s deal pipeline.

  1. Inbound Application Process Management

The steward oversees the inbound application process, ensuring an efficient operational backend from application or referral to the funnel. They are responsible for ensuring that every application aligns with the company’s defined funding mandate.

  1. Due Diligence and Evaluation

The Interim Dealflow Steward conducts comprehensive due diligence checks, assessing aspects such as longevity fit, IP diligence, regulatory compliance, and team expertise. They also have a solid foundation in drug project evaluation criteria, which aids in the accurate assessment and valuation of potential deals.

  1. Research Management and Project Incubation

In research management, the steward cultivates relationships with universities and Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs). During the project incubation phase, they work with the Builder Squad to establish a supportive network of mentors, advisors, and subject matter experts to back the projects.

  1. Portfolio Management and Tracking

The steward oversees portfolio management and monitors the progress of portfolio companies, identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective measures when necessary. They also track KPIs and milestones, contributing to follow-on investments, partnerships, and exit strategies.

  1. Operations and Talent Management

Finally, the Interim Dealflow Steward manages underlying operations, which includes aggressively tracking working group-wide KPIs, maintaining quarterly reviews with DAO Stewards, and implementing a metrics dashboard. They onboard top talent into the DAO, providing clear pathways for contributions and maintaining a well-functioning deal flow pipeline and voting process.

The Network Steward Role (Later VDP)

The time is right to define a role that more accurately describes what Laurence has been focusing on in recent months: fundraising, recruiting, building relationships, advocacy (speeches, interviews, etc), community building & in-person gatherings.

Responsibilities could include:

  1. Maintain engagement with new and current strategic members and contributors

  2. Represent VitaDAO at Network State, city building and Special Economic Zone events, interviews and conferences

  3. Seed in-person gatherings and pop-up cities like Zuzalu

  4. Negotiate with governments for progressive and permissive jurisdictions to create longevity cities / zones and inspire existing states to become the “Silicon Valley” of Longevity

  5. General business development

  6. Quarterly updates and representation to the token holder community


  1. Hand-off of dealflow responsibilities from Laurence Ion to Eleanor Davies as soon as this proposal passes.
  2. Laurence Ion to post a Network Steward VDP for community - outlining vision, goals, and milestones for the role/projects.
  3. Tyler Golato to be invited to weekly Steward meetings as mentor.


  1. Changes with immediate effect upon proposal approval.
  • Agree
  • Revisions Requested (Detail in Comments)
  • Disagree

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Personally I feel this should be 2(maybe even 3) different VDPs. There is too much content in it that has to be unpacked. This makes it easier for people to be for/against specific parts of this VDP.

My suggestions is:
One VDP for the following:

  • Laurence Ion as current Dealflow steward is stepping down.
  • Eleanor Davies takes role as Interim Dealflow Steward until elections, and Tyler Golato, to share his insights and provide guidance to the Interim Dealflow Steward.
  • Include responsibilities of Interim Steward - which defacto should just be Dealflow Steward responsibilities.
  • Moreover, I would also add that the new Interim Dealflow Steward is directly offered a reasonable compensation package, and that all privileges and compensation for the Dealflow Steward who is stepping down being adjusted to compensation structure of normal VitaCore/Core contributors.

A second VDP, in which we can discuss if new steward roles need to be created, if so how many and for what, compensation for such roles, if we want VitaDAO want to go down the Network state route, etc. just a lot of open questions that should be answered independent of the restructuring.


Please see VDP 108 [Governance] - Compensation Review regarding compensation for stewards, etc


Fully supporting this proposal! Glad to see @gweisha recognised and stepping up as Interim Dealflow Steward.

The Network role seems very promising too. I agree with @Max_Unfried and in fact this VDP states that the Network role change will bekomme a separate VDP, won’t it? For clarity, it could make sense to exclude unnecessary detail on the network role from this VDP, unless that’s part of the motivation or context for this VDP.


So, are we splitting this into two VDPs? Any response from the proposers?


good idea imo, to refine the network steward role, @longevion can share a bit more maybe about what he would like it to be


In the text it already says “Later VDP”, so I think when this (VDP-107) goes to Snapshot we can strip out some of the unnecessary network steward descriptions and just reference the future VDP instead. Makes it easier to scan and understand for the token holders.

Yeah I agree the role should be first well defined, before it is created. Hence different VDPs imo.

As mentioned in the proposal Specification, The Network Steward Role requires a separate proposal and refinement. The role is outlined in this proposal to provide context and clarity for our community, just a preparation(nothing governed).

I don’t think is necessary to split the proposal right now and and reset the votes due to a significant change of the proposal.