Offering a Treasury, Governance, and Members Audit for Better Transparency and Decision-Making in Vita DAO

Proposal Category: Treasury, Governance, Transparency

Hi Vita DAO community, I’m Mia from ThePASS, a DAO data and aggregation platform. I’m writing this proposal to explore the possibilities of enhancing VitaDAO’s capabilities and potential of transparency and better decision making.

Abstract: As Vita DAO continues to mature, it becomes crucial to implement appropriate oversight and reflection on funding and governance. This initiative can help us track the proper utilization of funds, ensure treasury health, and optimize user governance and incentive strategies. We propose to build a customized DAO Profile for Vita DAO, tracking the following deliverables:


  1. DAO Profile Overview: Including introductions, social media links, DAO participation guides, newsletters/articles.
  2. Treasury Assets: Tracking all treasury addresses, inflow/outflow of funds, and staking information. If there are NFT assets, we will conduct NFT evaluations and collaborate with the DAO working group to label all transactions, facilitating better understanding of fund usage.
  3. Governance Information and Summary: Adding proposal pages, voting data, and DAO-specific data for proposers.
  4. DAO Participant Data: Ranking participants based on voting weight, number of proposals voted on or initiated, and delegation. This will help identify the best participants and optimize governance strategies.
  5. DAO Audit Reports: Providing monthly treasury and governance audit reports, allowing the community to easily understand the DAO’s monthly status. (Example of ApecoinDAO)

The above-mentioned sections (1-4) will be developed through a dedicated webpage for Vita DAO. The data dashboard and analysis tools provided by ThePASS will offer a holistic view of Vita DAO’s treasury, governance activities, and member involvement. By leveraging these tools, Vita DAO can gain insights into the treasury balance, inflow/outflow activities, proposal frequency, voter participation, and member engagement. This knowledge allows the DAO to optimize its governance mechanisms, attract the right contributors, and introduce tailored initiatives.

Team Description: Our team, ThePASS, specializes in DAO data research and empowerment. We are also a DAO aggregator platform trusted by various DAOs, including MakerDAO, Yearn, BanklessDAO, MeebitsDAO, MoonDAO, and KyberDAO. We are eager to collaborate with Vita DAO to create a dedicated DAO webpage and provide custom features, as well as the necessary manual labeling and reporting work. We hope to have the opportunity to work together.


We would love to know if the community find this valuable and if it’s possible to get grants in $Vita as for this community creation.Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions on the proposal!

Personally I would not find this valuable and wouldn’t vote in favor of a grant.


Me neither, as we have yearly reports that are quite strong, and try to keep all infos in one place such as