Mapping out VitaDAO operations/value streams

What does VitaDAO currently do?

I’m sure many of you would like to know. I want to build a map of VitaDAO operations and how those operations feed into the value stream. Features of this map will include:

  • A list of all community-level actions that have bounties associated with them. For anyone who joins, they will want to know “What can I do, and what would I get paid for it?” This should answer that question.
  • Categories of deals and how they should be approached to generate value for the DAO. The obvious ones are the royalty/equity/IP deals, but beyond that there are deals which may have an impact on building community or publicity. Both of these can generate financial value in the form of donations and token publicity.
  • Figuring out the role of various working groups in regards to their contribution to the value stream
  • Prizes, fellowships, and other projects spearheaded by the DAO which may not be known
  • A complete breakdown of the spending of vita and/or money by the DAO
  • Explanations for how to go about doing various actions such as reviewing deals, social media management, making proposals, etc. For instance, how do I write a proposal which allows for voting.

These are things I’d like to understand on a personal level, and I think many people would find it easier to contribute if they understood the network of actions they could take within VitaDAO.

In order to build this, I would need cooperation from the working group stewards to get explanations for how they are currently operating and how they would like to ideally operate. I need cooperation from VitaCORE to understand the internal structure of the DAO. And I’d like to be compensated for the effort involved.

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A map of VitaDAO operations
A map of VitaDAO bounties
A map of the VitaDAO decision-making process

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I spoke with Aaron and he has an awesome framework (and many new ideas) to help VitaDAO become more efficient and successful in reaching high level goals. Highly suggest we move forward with this!