How is VitaDAO governed?

As a decentralized organization, VitaDAO operates differently from traditional biotech organizations and institutions. There is no CEO, board, nor hierarchy of employees. Instead, VitaDAO’s smart contract architecture enables all VITA token holders to freely engage in governance decisions pertaining to the assets and funds held by VitaDAO. VitaDAO’s members will manage it, and will use a dapp to interact with VitaDAO’s smart contracts to facilitate the purchase, funding, and management of IP and data assets.

VitaDAO members will not only govern its existing structure but also vote on how to refine its structure and governance processes. Because VitaDAO members are fully in control of the governance of VitaDAO, they not only vote but also make proposals on which to vote. Proposals consist of several types: governance proposals, project proposals, funding proposals, data monetization proposals, and IP proposals, expanded on as determined by VitaDAO members.