General community feedback, feel free to post your ideas & suggestions

I agree, my point remains that I see a lot of crypto projects that are sometimes totally unworthy and get lots of hype and publicity. Why dogecoin is #8 market cap 11billion?. Of course we don’t want fake hype, pump and dump and so on, but we could definitely use some publicity / community traction (not saying that I know what to do) unrelated to our base subject which is of course complex.

And I’m sure people would love to have a place to discuss longevity (this field is not so much of a niche on the internet) and at the same time participate in the dao life, of course we have Discord, there is reddit/r/longevity… I agree with you this forum is not fit for end users, I don’t see the use of 2 distinctive forum either, that was an idea anyway… something to think about, that’s it :slight_smile:

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Otherwise, I’m totally lost with all the dao related to vitadao directly or indirectly (?) psydao, athenadao, cryodao, hairdao, valleydao, o while we don’t have a solid brand publicly recognized by the public. As a basic end user it doesn’t help me unite around something. I guess they are different teams at least in part. Maybe it is also good for soliciting funding, organizing research, managing discussions specific to each dao. I thought at the beginning that molecule was the main instigator, that there was a synergy around this one as a project promoter, I must admit that I am probably not involved enough to follow but hey who is

I agree. As an outside user this can look very confusing as this whole ecosystem is still very much in its infancy. And this is very valuable feedback!
But you are correct. Molecule started out as the main instigator and then the community grew to a self sufficient organization.
Molecule then took these learnings and created a DAO accelerator called that is now helping other DAOs (the DAOs that you’ve named). A big part of that is networking and knowledge exchange between the DAOs, which is where these connections are coming from.
Take a look at maybe this helps clarifying that picture for you :slight_smile:


Few random ideas:

  • Have some topics pinned on Reddit (how to buy Vita / how to vote or other beginner help topic) → the content is already existing on the website.

  • Shouldn’t we personalise the subreddit a bit? Like a banner at the top?

  • For each newsletter & corresponding website article → Generate a different AI picture (related to science). I receive a newsletter like this, looks really cool.

  • On Discord, why does the channels token gating for VitaFast is with and for Working Groups with (different process).

  • On Discord, what is the channel “project-submissions-phase-1”? I understand it’s for voting for a project, but is it a step before Gov forum? I suppose, not clear for me. Also, I guess you can easily spam the vote in a way or the other with a random new account (harder on the forum).

  • Shouldn’t we merge some channels on Discord (science, bio-hacking, longevity-lounge) (maybe, maybe not).

Thk guys


You should also try to contact twitter support to see if they can give you the vitadao handle since it’s not taken by anyone now.

My 2 cents.


Awesome ideas, thx @keepx! Will forward to the people working on each

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Would also be cool to have a Wikipedia page, not sure we reached critical size for that yet, there is a chance it could be rejected.

Anyway, it should be non promoting and purely factual. And also coming from a community member or anyone interested about the subject I guess, not someone directly involved in the DAO (or you can but you must disclose it):

Chatgpt or Bing gpt could probably be of help.

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this forum kills me, anyway since I’m just a random joe interested by the subject, I started the page…

If anyone who likes decentralized science wants to add some infos or improve it… idk if wikipedia will think it worthwhile. :woman_shrugging:

edit: my article doesn’t fit criteria, check my wikipedia page if anyone in the community wants help me :upside_down_face:

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Oh no, but thanks a ton for trying to create it! Wonder what their criteria is to pick it up

Well, It’s not refused, it’s up to be fixed (by me or anyone who can bother enough), obviously not Vitacore members (unless they disclose), but if other members of the community like me, know Wikipedia, feel free to help me.

You can check the draft wiki page:

And on the talk page, where I added some new references (not yet added to the main article since I’m not sure about their notability) It’s the references that seem to be the problem.

It’s not easy to find mainstream websites talking about Vitadao yet.

Feel free to help me with the article if you are familiar with Wikipedia.

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Bump this previous post, I hope some of those ideas above make their way. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know if the website is currently undergoing redesign, but I still would love to see community features put forward (in a way or the other).

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Also why not post some of the TikTok content on YouTube shorts (sometimes) or Twitter, cross channel communication.

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Take it for what it’s worth, but here is an overview of ideas in one image (maybe more understandable).

I also showed this to @RUM prior to post it here, here is his take:

It’s not bad, yes, but it’s a lot.
I find that the communication on Twitter is good, the “announcements” in discord too.
What I think is mostly missing is a written AMA on Discord once in a while.
Making discourse more accessible is a good point too.

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Thanks for sharing, great ideas! @alexdobrin also had some great related ideas and is planning some things afaik in this direction - think one of the highest impact things would be a strong quarterly community call, that might even go a bit longer like 1,5-2hrs similar to something like where core contributors and research projects present, and where there is space at the end for Q&A, and ways to get involved etc., the other proposals for more regular touchpoints make sense too of course

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I’m all in for community calls. While unrelated, I was a customer of the defunct Cefi company Celsius that went bankrupt. The power of creditors, just regular people, for more than a year now allowed us to move mountains.

Regular non official customers Community calls:

Wsj article covering our actions:

Cached version of it:

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Hey there,

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post or not, but I am looking for some help with onboarding.

I have been trying to join the DAO and become a contributor for several months and I haven’t heard back from anyone on the VitaDAO team about my onboarding application or about my contributor form. I resubmitted my applications twice to be sure that I didn’t make a mistake the first time and I still haven’t heard back. I was able to connect my wallet to Discord and join the Guild, but anything submitted via Airtable was lost in the shuffle.

I also applied for the Onboarding Analyst position on the website because I have a lot of expertise in this area specifically and feel I could be very helpful here but I haven’t heard anything about the position.

I am hoping that posting here will lead me to the right person to connect with, I have reached out a few times on Discord but haven’t been able to track down the right person.

My Questions:

  • Which meeting on the DAO Calendar is the correct one for me to introduce myself and see about working more closely with the team?
  • Is the onboarding position available still? If so, I am very interested, more so after the challenges I have faced joining.
  • Could I help with community engagement and moderation on Twitter in any way? I noticed that a lot of posts and questions go unresponded to and unanswered. Is there anything I can do to help contribute here as well?

Who I am:
I am a crypto/Web3 native who has been actively working in the space in a growth strategy and community development capacity for several years. I am passionate about DAO governance and believe very firmly that this structure is the future of a more equitable society.

My background is in helping early-stage tech companies build scalable programs and processes for growth and success. I have 3 successful exits where I was an early member that helped scale the company to acquisition or going public.

I would like to be involved in VitaDAO because I view it as a very active and successful DAO that could easily become the poster child of successful governance. Apart from that, I am also a huge proponent of the decentralized research and data initiatives that are gaining popularity and am also active in the Filecoin community.

Any help that anyone can offer about getting more involved would be greatly appreciated.

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My 2 cents comments reposted from Discord:

  • The images in the latest newsletter looks very cool → November Longevity Research Newsletter Would be nice the main image is different too that would make better thumbnail for reddit :grin: Reddit - Dive into anything it’s a bit same color :smile:

  • I’m a bit confused where I sign up on the website to receive those cool publications: I mean even personally looks cool to be alerted of the publications. I think there was a newsletter button on the main website, can’t find it now.

  • Also, link to main portal, I might not be aware of it if I’m not here or on Twitter I think (meaning hard to find it).

  • I would also change the names of the 2 letters that VitaDao produce (but that’s just me), here is my take on a naming idea :

“November Longevity Research Newsletter” → “Longevity Update Newsletter - November Edition”

“VitaDAO Letter: The First DAO with a Biotech Spinoff” → “VitaDAO Montly #018 : The First DAO with a Biotech Spinoff”

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2024 :piñata:

  • Simplify (where possible) Vitadao website and put published content (articles, newsletters) forward, rather than it all being hidden in the blog.

  • Easy to subscribe to the newsletter (if deemed important).

  • Twitter spaces with the community, open longevity discussion with the community!!!

  • Social media interaction. It’s nice you started to post on Follow The Crypto Message Board On Community (Coinmarketcap communities) would be nice to have at least one post a month there for engagement among other things.

  • Try to get vitadao handle from X ( have you asked?)

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