General community feedback, feel free to post your ideas & suggestions

I agree, my point remains that I see a lot of crypto projects that are sometimes totally unworthy and get lots of hype and publicity. Why dogecoin is #8 market cap 11billion?. Of course we don’t want fake hype, pump and dump and so on, but we could definitely use some publicity / community traction (not saying that I know what to do) unrelated to our base subject which is of course complex.

And I’m sure people would love to have a place to discuss longevity (this field is not so much of a niche on the internet) and at the same time participate in the dao life, of course we have Discord, there is reddit/r/longevity… I agree with you this forum is not fit for end users, I don’t see the use of 2 distinctive forum either, that was an idea anyway… something to think about, that’s it :slight_smile:

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Otherwise, I’m totally lost with all the dao related to vitadao directly or indirectly (?) psydao, athenadao, cryodao, hairdao, valleydao, o while we don’t have a solid brand publicly recognized by the public. As a basic end user it doesn’t help me unite around something. I guess they are different teams at least in part. Maybe it is also good for soliciting funding, organizing research, managing discussions specific to each dao. I thought at the beginning that molecule was the main instigator, that there was a synergy around this one as a project promoter, I must admit that I am probably not involved enough to follow but hey who is