DAOStewards Delegation Platform and Communication Thread

ETH Address: daostewards.eth / 0xd4879f876eE383067F80ACAdBE283B93141908e9
Discord Handle: jengajojo, winverse

DAOStewards is a metagovernance group from BanklessDAO. We received 16,046 VITA tokens in delegation from BanklessDAO via this snapshot vote. We aim to encourage good governance in the DAO space by expressing Bankless values and fostering a collaborative environment for the space to grow.


  • United we stand: We believe decentralisation is paramount in governing web3. We aim to represent everyday users of web3 and have their unheard voices heard.
  • Net positive engagement: We represent a community aiming to empower all parties involved and develop in a positive-sum manner.
  • Quality participation: We believe the quality active contributors could help a DAO evolve. We aim to deliver the best quality of work with minimum bureaucracy.
  • Bankless : We preach the idea of self-sovereignty and decentralisation


Check out our notion here

  • All our members are Level 2 (verified) contributors with experience in decentralized governance in several DAOs, check out everyone’s individual profiles here
  • We maintain over 80% voting rate and active communication whenever we vote and our proof of work can be found on our voting database here
  • Our governors who are actively interested in the longetivity space, such as @jengajojo have already been active in VITA governance since several months
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VDP-115: Ambassador Program

Vote: For

Rationale: The Ambassador Program aligns with VitaDAO’s strategic goals, empowers local communities, and increases awareness while remaining budget-friendly.

VDP-119: Proposal to Empower Member Services Squad

Voted: For

Rationale: Approving this proposal empowers the Member Services Squad to enhance value for VitaDAO contributors, offering discounts and services, and launching the Member Services portal.

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VDP-118: GERO - Machine Learning Platform for Age-Related Disease Targeting & Drug Discovery

Voted: For

Rationale: VitaDAO’s mission to accelerate research and development in the longevity space, and the extension of human life and health-span aligns with GERO’s goals mentioned in the VDP-118 proposal — which aims to address age-related diseases and extend human health-span.

Also, with the potential to make a substantial impact on health and longevity, some societal benefits will come to the DAO, hence we are in favor of this proposal.


VDP-120: Oisín Biotechnologies - Genetic Medicines for Health and Longevity

Voted: For

Rationale: With promising preliminary results in increasing muscle mass, reducing senescent cells, and ablating adipocytes in animal studies, Oisín has shown potential in addressing age-related conditions. DAOstewards are in favor of this proposal.


Awesome, thx for creating this and sharing the reasoning for voting! much appreciated


VDP-121: Proposal to Mint 10% of Total Token Supply

Voted: Against

Rationale: Minting an additional 10% takes the total mint to 50%. This has the potential of causing market instability, risking the interests of existing token holders.

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VDP-126 [Assessment] Remedium Bio
Voted: For
Rationale: DAOStewards voted in favor of this proposal. Lead Candidate for Osteoarthritis (OA) — RMD1101 — is positioned as a regenerative therapy for age-related degenerative pathologies, and this aligns with Vita’s longevity goals.

VDP-129 [Assessment]: Vitalia - a city that builds longevity companies
Voted: For
Rationale: Fostering more on-sight collaboration is much needed in our space. With an opportunity for contributors to work together for two months, we are sure to see more projects spurn up

VDP-128 [Governance] The Network Steward role
Voted: For
Rationale: With all the indelible marks Laurence already left in and outside of VitaDAO, he has the track record needed to make this role a success.

VDP-117 [Assessment] Magnaetus Therapeutics
Voted: For
Rationale: Exercise has been promising for several diseases. It helps blood to flow and for your liver to degrade all the junk in the blood. Of course, it would help with longevity too. It might be worth a shot to mimic this with a molecule but we would still recommend exercise too.

VDP-124 Company Building Management in VitaDAO
Voted: For
Rationale: With key questions on the compensation structure and KPIs answered, DAOStewards voted in favor of this proposal

VDP-125 - Rework - Scheibye-Knudsen Lab IP-NFT Asset
Voted: Against
Rationale: The initial proposal, VDP-5, lacked some information, and that made the ask for the Phase II funds somewhat unclear. We voted against this proposal.