What are VitaDAO’s modes of collaboration and how do we communicate?

VitaDAO’s Token Holders use the following communication channels:

  1. Discourse: for proposals and their evaluation. To register, click here.
  2. Discord (public channels): for all announcements, community building, questions and suggestions, tips on longevity events, general discussions and, of course, memes. To register, click here.
  3. Twitter: for selected announcements and communication to the wider public.
  4. Newsletter: for the most important announcements.
  5. Community Calls: occasional talks and discussions. Follow our Discord/Twitter/newsletter to join our next call.
  6. Telegram: for selected announcements and short questions.

Our working groups use all of the communication channels mentioned above, plus these:

  1. Discord (private channels): for discussion and the actual work before a proposal gets published To join, first register here and then ask a member of the Service Team on Discord to invite you.

  2. Note: Once a proposal draft is ready, it goes to the Discourse forum for public review, discussion and revision.

  3. AirTable: project and task management. To join, ask a member of the Service Team on Discord to invite you.

  4. Teleconference Tools: for discussing projects and individual tasks within a working group, each group uses a conference call tool of their choice. Additionally, we have an all working group call which usually takes place Fridays, 16:00 CET. To join, ask your working group lead to invite you.

The Vita Core uses all of the communication channels mentioned above as well as additional private channels on Discord. To be invited, ask a fellow Service Team member.

We recommend everyone subscribe to our newsletter, follow VitaDAO on Twitter, and keep a close eye on our Discourse forum to not miss out on discussing and voting on proposals. Finally, the right place for further discussions and to get more involved is our Discord.

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