VitaDAO Deployment Process Proposal

Hi, attached an idea on how the VitaDAO contract deployment could be done.

Contract Deployment

1. Wallet preparation

  • Create new wallet (EOA)
  • Channel funds to new EOA

2. VitaDAO Multisig Creation

  • Create VitaDAO Multisig (Gnosis Safe)
  • Take DAO designated addresses from VDP-0 VitaDAO Multisig Proposal (VDP-0 VitaDAO Multisig Proposal)
  • Assign DAO designated addresses as VitaDAO Multisig Holders (Gnosis Safe)
  • Adjust Transaction signing threshold to 5 / 8 signers

3. Deployment of Token contract

4. Creation and allocation of tokens

  • Mint 30% of the total Token supply
  • Move minted Tokens to VitaDAO Gnosis Multisig

5. Transfer Token Contract and Multisig

  • Assign VitaDAO Multisig as Minter Address
  • Move VitaDAO Token Contract Ownership to VitaDAO Gnosis Multisig
  • Delete EOA from VitaDAO Multisig holder list

Token Auction

1. Create and start auction

  • VitaDAO Multisig creates VitaDAO Auction via Gnosis Auction
  • VitaDAO Multisig starts Auction

2. Finish VitaDAO Auction via Gnosis Auction

  • Auction is finalized by VitaDAO after token auction deadline
  • Participants are able to claim their token allocation from the Gnosis Auction site
  • Collected funds from auction remain in VitaDAO Gnosis Multi-sig

After VitaDAO Token Auction

1. EOA creates VitaDAO Smart contract and moves contracts

  • Deploy VitaDAO DAO Smart Contract via EOA
  • Move DAO Smart Contract Ownership from EOA to VitaDAO Gnosis Multi-sig
  • Move ERC-20 Token Contract from EOA to VitaDAO DAO Contract

Looks all very good!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the DAO multisig just finalising the auction so that tokens can be claimed - but bidders will still have to actively claim these tokens themselves? If so, it’s probably a good idea to clarify that so that it’s clear that bidders need to do that.

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Hi, that is correct and a very good point! I am adjusting the wording to clarify that participants will need to claim their tokens from the gnosis auction side.