VDP-4 VitaDAO Treasury + LP Proposal

Great points, Luffy!

Agree that we should probably apply financial planning in the sense how quickly we want to deploy the money towards research and then basically DCA sell over that period

Good point. Will re-explore before we update on a final decision… stakedETH derivatives like https://lido.fi/ in my view make sense to be able to cash out vs native staked ETH2 which you can’t swap out for a while.

Good point, at the end it depends how much money we keep in the treasury for long-term… For example right now its 9-10m, but most will flow towards research that we are negotiating right now, but the treasury should probably always hold more than 1m for overhead and safety, but that shouldn’t be in defi, I agree… so more sensible for now to focus on ETH2 more likely.

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Hi everyone,
I really like your proposal @vincentweisser .
Because many of the existing DAOs lack capital efficiency and miss out on potential yield.
As you described it, with the right yield strategy and diversification, the DAO can not only sustainably increase the funds for further funding, but also protect itself against bear market conditions or a Black Swan event.

As the right tool I would suggest Avantgarde Finance. With the help of Enzyme Finance, they now also offer DAO treasury management including their Gnosis Safe integration.

If you want, I can connect you with the team.

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It is not clear what the rebalance will be. If I vote yes, will you move 40 or 60% of ETH to staked assets? And so on? What limits does this proposal set, ie will you never move more than 60% or less tan 40% of ETH to staked?

I would prefer a clearer proposal before voting.



We would communicate ideas and actions here in advance before implementing them… basically right now we would move maximally 20-30% to staked ETH, but would also share this before acting on it, and doing so gradually… (eg starting with 10%)

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Thanks Vincent. I find that a bit confusing, but since I agree with the proposal I voted yes then.


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