VDP-145 Sell $SAFE for ETH

! Disclaimer !

$VITA is strictly a governance token.


Convert airdropped SAFE tokens into ETH to boost liquidity for ETH<>VITA pairs on Ethereum mainnet.
This proposal aims to convert SAFE tokens VitaDAO receives upon unlocking and use the proceeds to incentivize liquidity on aura.finance, to incentivize liquidity for VITA.

Relevance to Strategic Plan

This supports VitaDAO’s objective to improve liquidity, critical for enabling active governance and operational efficiency in the ecosystem.


No additional funds are requested. Funding will come from the sale of SAFE tokens, approximately 22.600 SAFE tokens, which are gradually unlocking.


Project Lead: The Multi-sig signers will execute this initiative

Description: The project will:

  • Sell unlocked SAFE tokens in a phased approach, once it unlocks.
  • Convert proceeds to ETH.
  • Use ETH to bribe liq incentives on aura.finance.


Success Metrics:

  • Increased liquidity
  • Improved governance engagement due to making involvement easier.
  • Agree
  • Revisions Requested (Detail in Comments)
  • Disagree
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Dumping some of these random tokens is great.

But why aura.finance? Why not hold the Eth and use for operations/new projects?

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The goal would be to deepen Vita<>ETH liquidity, and the DAO would earn those rewards back partially as liq provider

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I’m curious about how much liquidity is needed and why we need the additional liquidity at the moment. THX.